Recovery After Training and Competition

Running is still an increasingly popular sport. Basically it is a healthy exercise in which the heart, lungs and blood vessels benefit from it. Muscles, tendons and joints can only be damaged if we get too excited. Go no contest run if you feel strange pains, because the risk of a persistent injury is significant.

The competition

Driving long distances in the competition is in many ways more intense and often means a greater strain on the body than running during a workout. We entrust our bodies basically more intense during a serious game, then during training. We do the training sometimes very heavy exercises we often do during a match, as strong tempo, or perhaps tough hill climbs, stairs etc. But such training is not as strenuous and risky as taking part in an official competition.
It has to do with the fact that it is an imaginary button in our heads when there is an element of competition that exists, there is nothing to gain, and our result and finish position also always on the Internet falls after reading. Not only do we see our results on the site of the competition organizer or but also our family, colleagues??s at work, neighbors, and our sports competitors. And see our grandchildren even after 20 years how was quick grandfather or grandmother. Knowing that we would like to put down a top time and time improve the time of the last time, even though we are older every year and so basically slower.
When the starting gun has sounded, we know the healthy ambition to mobilize forces within us that only can be called in a game. Few will contest where they have given everything, one month later, on his own ?? just for fun ??to repeat at the same time. After all, the motivation to do so is lacking, making it an impossible task without the need to deliver an identical performance. During the training, it is often already not easy to walk 5 km in the stretch while we manage the 21 km line wash in an official half-marathon.

The load on the body

Our state, blood, heart and lungs, may well have a knock. But there is a link in the body that are usually weaker, namely our musculoskeletal system, ie, muscles, tendons and joints. To capture the best place at the finish, so that we give all we can, and our body burden limit, we will redirect ignore pain, and we act as if our life depends on an honorable performance. This means that we carry out an attack on our musculoskeletal system.

Motor Often Stronger Than Tools

Our lungs, heart and blood vessels are usually so strong that they can damage the fragile musculoskeletal system.You can compare it to a car where the engine is stronger than the gearbox, bearings, drive shafts, etc. If you as an athlete, but long enough to give the engine full throttle without regard to maintaining?? shafts, bearings and ball joints?? go to subject to wear, and maintenance-intensive sometime broken. This risk of tendons, muscles and joints, thus fooling when you train as a runner too often and too intense and especially too many matches started.Besides very smart nature to the knee, ankle, shin, tendons mm die rather than your heart.


As already mentioned, it is usually unwise to run too often questioned where the end position is important and where the speed is crucial. Is your goal just to walk many kilometers, where time is secondary, you run much less risk. But you go for a good time, then you will depend on your age, body size, general condition, etc., you have to work wit. The uniform rule can not be given, but every week a game, almost all very unwise.

Healthy Recovery

If we have given a lot and hopefully be tired but happy, and the move has not been damaged, we will immediately after, and / or some time after the finish, often face minor muscle aches and stiffness in the legs. It has to do with the fact that our muscles have been subjected to microscopic damage that requires recovery time. To quickly and restore healthy, our muscles, we can lend a hand. Since immediately after the game to run out sometime until your heart rate returns to normal and you are cool, or at least go and keep moving. It is totally unwise for an intense long-distance race of 15 km, for example, to crawl within an hour behind the wheel for a long time in cramped position to push the pedals, you seem a handicapped when you come out.
Also do not as intense workout the next day again, but make sure you lose all first stiffness. At low speed, a small leak can be the day after the game. Because as it makes the muscles warmed gently, promotes the removal of waste and thus recovery. And do not worry if your condition if you take a week’s rest.


In some larger walk often massage afterwards. Massage is actually recovery, but you can from such a hasty massage course, do not expect too much. If you are an Intense long-distance runner is therefore advisable to regularly visit the sports masseur for official muscles and tendons. Because the fact is that your muscles produce a lot of waste when they are at work, but the body succeeds often fail to remove all waste within a certain time. The result is that at a certain point begins to run when the waste from the previous course are partly still in the muscle tissue and asks for damages, because there afvalopeenhopingen that lacks elasticity. You can compare it with a rubber band that is in the corner. Sports masseur is the forced and can be accelerated to remove accumulations of waste leaving the muscles after a certain time performing optimally and reduces damage.
Good luck to the next game.

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