Recommended Winter Hiking Boots

You’ve planned a few days in the mountains? Discover what are the best boots for going there and not feel cold.

The winter season brings us to choose the specific accessories. It’s not just follow the latest fashion trends but also to understand the pieces that can keep us warm and they are practical and useful for different occasions we face.

All right, so, opt for the printed shoes if you have to take part in some pop evening or just want to go out with her girlfriends and you want your look to be unique and flawless. For leisure are fine also of sports and vintage shoes, for an unusual touch but also very convenient to go to work, and why not, dare even with mannish footwear style. But if you go on holiday what will you wear? In this case we can suggest some good hiking boots to better endure the temperatures and be stylish, of course.

You are planning the usual Moon Boot? Certainly this is the first choice, the most obvious and, let’s face it the most comfortable and warm. But it’s really the only? No, in fact it is not, that is why we want to suggest alternatives, like Marc boots by Marc Jacobs, decidedly hot and definitely different.

Remember the softwareleverage? Well, if you take the classic boots for sure you’ll have your feet warm but for outdoors, especially amid the snow, threaten to ruin… However the brand has achieved a perfect combination of amphibians and ankle boot with fur that will keep your feet warm and well repaired.

Interesting proposals for Nike, which has created for the winter season of mountain boots which are actually of the sports shoes, however high and completely laced shoes and covered in fabric warm and soft.

Finally, for those who prefer close inside the chalet and enjoy some of the heat of the fire burning and crackling, there are boots of Clark’s Originals, suede and shearling lining, available in various colors.