Rainbow Loom: the Elastic Bracelets

The wave of bracelets, children and adolescents, buy, make and collect elastic bracelets. Think you’re a child? Not only are boys and girls, the bracelets are so eclectic that even celebrities like Julia Roberts, the Royal couple Kate and William and Francis joined the wave. 

And it’s not just the elastic bracelet are very versatile. Have bow, Keychain, hat, cell phone case, clothes and can decorate pens, glasses and flip-flops. And in fact, there are many ways to make bracelets and many accouterments for it, can use up to fork. The kids learn with friends or watch the tutorials on YouTube. Barbie, which is on the rise, don’t miss the opportunity and got a few outfits.

The rubber bands are the American brand Rainbow Loom and here can be purchased in e-commerce, haven’t tested the site, but the shipping is expensive, it pays to join orders to divide. The star sells a kit called Factory of bracelets. There are other options sold in newsstands and street vendors, but you have to be careful, last September, the Protest sent to collect the fake market elastics. The forgeries may contain lead or other substances harmful to health. In this link for information about the forgeries, their differences and dangers.

I don’t, but I have my craftsman. He learns at school, on the internet and I help you find material in English.