Radio Listening on the Phone Is Worthless, But Important

When listening to radio on the smart phone, klinger not in advertising box on radio stations. But even so, radio apps a value for both listeners and broadcasters.

Listening to the radio on your mobile phone has for many years been possible, but the spread of fast data connections and modern smartphones, now makes it interesting to listen via applications like Tunein Radio, which provides access to radio stations from all over the world, or use radio stations own apps.

Thus is not dependent on the listener to be near their favorite station’s FM transmitter that has a limited range.

In Denmark, as well as the United States and Europe in General, is the problem that the listening cannot be picked up in listener surveys (PPM measurements), and some radio folks pointing therefore that when listening cannot be measured, it is worthless, seen in relation to the sale of advertising spots.

-“If not one can measure this listening, it is a disaster for listening figures, because they will be very inaccurate. Therefore, there is a huge task for Gallup. Does not matter, there is a danger that the young generation that has grown up in the digital age, completely lost in the listener polls, “says Christian K, editor at radio site our site.

Christian K has followed the Danish and international radio market close for over 15 years.

A radio without application is not trendy

Although commercial for a radio station is not a value in having an application, it is still important for stations to keep an eye on smartphone platform.

-“With the spread of smartphones has, there is no doubt that over time move a lot listening to this platform. Profile-and brandingmæssigt, it is a problem, if not a station can be found on the cell phone, and, in the long run, it also becomes a problem for earnings, “assesses Christian K.

The cell phone is the only radio

The old fashioned FM receiver is still the primary radio receiver for listeners around the world, but it is in some situations have become obsolete. It takes the program manager Claus Nielsen, from one of the country’s major regional radio stations, our site, who sends in the South and on the island of Funen.

-“The smart phone is an extension of the traditional FM coverage, and for many people, the cell phone has become their only radio. The old portable pocket radio has been outplayed. Today it is the cell phone to use in the garden, on the run, or other places where there is no radio. In many companies, there is also no longer radio receivers, and therefore listening via both the web and mobile, “explains Claus Nielsen from Radio our site.

He is committed to applications used by a wide audience, and to radio station have to be available where the listeners are.

-“It is, of course, sour, to PPM measurements does not account for mobile listening. But the General diary studies picks up still these listeners. Listening on the phone is still marginal compared to the FM portion, “ending VLR-boss.

VLR aims to enhance listening, in connection with the fact that their program host Lars Rasmussen, the former handball player, must take part in dancing with the stars.