Radio Contact With Bluetooth

At the keyword Bluetooth most of first on mobile phones or maybe even pocket computer think. While the short-range radio technology has affected almost all PC-product areas. So for example, headsets, mice, keyboards, printer, digital camera and of course the phone can be via Bluetooth with the computer or notebook connect. Long, also audio data can be transferred via

radio from the MP3 player or mobile phone to the stereo system or active speaker systems. Bluetooth is already integrated in many modern computers. The wireless technology via USB adapter can be retrofitted on older.

Difference between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are both wireless technologies. But while Wi-Fi is used to connect two or more computers together, Bluetooth is for connection of accessories or telecommunications equipment on the PC or a notebook. This explains also another difference: while Wi-Fi outdoor up to 300 meters for connection provides, is the short-range technology Bluetooth, according to Geräteklsse, at approximately 100 meters. Also the speed of data transfer is different. The Wi-Fi technology can up to 7 megabytes per second send, Bluetooth only about 90 kilobytes.

Which used Bluetooth product types mostly

15 images to the image gallery applications of Bluetooth  Bluetooth basically serves the connection of peripheral devices and mobile phones to a PC. The applications but are no limits: wireless keyboards and mice to reduce the clutter on the desk. Mobile phones communicate with the computer or send back image data directly to a photo printer; MP3 player at home no longer need PC or headphones sound, but sparks the favorite song directly to your audio amplifier. ««««Chat, phone calls, play the multimedia company has with Bluetooth a multi-functional networking technology.

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