Rachel Zoe Coats

Rachel Zoe is a very lucky woman from stylist has become a fashion designer, among its clients include Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz and Eva Mendes, names that have certainly contributed to the stylist’s number one in the world! Today I propose a look of challenge between two stars who were photographed in moments of everyday life, one is the beautiful actress Katherine Heighl, the former EstateLearning on Grey’s Anatomy is now the queen of romantic comedies in Hollywood, the other is Paris Hilton, a queen who does not need to do anything in life!

Katherine Heighl and Paris Hilton were both electrocuted by the same coat / cape / cloak Rachel Zoy of the autumn winter 2011 2012, a woolen pattern color camel with blacks piping to effect an almost trompe-l’oeil. Katherine Heighl was caught by paparazzi while making gasoline with a very ill-suited look, but if the car is dry, alas, there are no alternatives, no? Katherine combines the Rachel Zoe coat with a mini skirt black, yellow shirt coming out of the coat and boots in fabulous pony animal with high heels. A really cute look and fashion, 10 and praise! Paris Hilton instead chooses his coat Rachel Zoe to travel, was photographed at the airport and has combined this garment with leather pants blacks, a model wearing shinny with blacks boots in suede with the high heel.

Katherine Heighl triumphs of course, but Paris can only blame herself!