Q-pot: Jewelry Inspired by Disney Characters

You know Q-pot? If the answer is no you should definitely catch reading this article and then viewing the page that let you know why this line of jewelry is really too cute and fun to stay in the shadows! Then my dear, began the new year and good intentions are always accompanied lists on lists of desires, things that we would like in our lives and garments and accessories that must definitely be our time who are initiated balances!

The Q-pot accessories are stylish and fun jewelry inspired by Disney characters, we have rings, necklaces, brooches and pendants perfect for nostalgic girls who can not help but watch old cartoons and spend the Saturday evening to watch Alice in Wonderland premiere on Sky, in short women inside still have a part to girls who guard jealously.

This jewelry line is really adorable, the characters of Alice in Wonderland, Minnie, Mickey and their friends become rings, brooches and charms for bracelets, necklaces, and if you want even your bags, in short, is a triumph of sweetness and imagination you can admire about out site

Q-pot is a foreign brand and I do not think that there are authorized dealers in Italy, and I hope some European giant will take the rights to the sale, if you want you can comb through the section of the online e-shop dedicated to this site.