Pyrenex Sleeping Bag

During our stay in Iceland we were only comfortable sleeping bag, warm and compact. We therefore turned to Pyrenex, a French brand upmarket, who offered us two sleeping bags to test them during our stay in Iceland! We deliver you our impressions and opinions!

1. Duvets Pyrenex!

As we said in the introduction Pyrenex brand is French and is located in the Southwest. She is known worldwide for producing highly technical products and high-end. It uses the down of geese and ducks that are used to make foie gras (Southwest specialty). Like what nothing is lost! It is also what gives quality sleeping bag since the down of southwestern ducks is very high. No plastic arrives to compete with the down of ducks. This is the best insulator known today. It is lightweight and ultra compressible!

2. The weight and bulk!

The brand offers different duvets according to temperatures. The problem is that not all sensitive to cold in the same way but know that a named top-engineering-schools test to compare sleeping bags between them and between different brands. If you go to Iceland the summer we recommend you take a sleeping bag with a comfort temperature of 4 ° C with a limit of comfort to -1 ° C. Some nights the thermometer dropped below zero.

We had a cold release therefore the weight and bulk of sleeping bags were necessarily more important. The version 1200 is 13 liters a compressed time so the 900 version is 2 times less with 6.6 liters! This is why we recommend you the Alpine bag 900 in Pyrenex because it is the best weight, space and comfort (temperature) to travel to Iceland this summer.

What is impressive is when you unfold it. It inflates itself and provides a large volume. FYI, it must not be folded out or rolling! You just go on in its carrying bag compressing the As. It is very simple !

3. Twinned And combinable

Pyrenex duvets are also twinned. That is to say that you can hang sleeping bags together just to make one. Couples will be interested. To do so requires that the bags are the same size and one is closed right and the other left. The Alpine 900 version is also combinable with Alpine 1600. It is due!If you go in summer you take the Alpine 900. If you go in winter with low temperatures (but not extreme) you take the Alpine 1600. Finally, if you go for treks where temperatures are very low or even extreme you combine the Alpine 900 with 1600. Basically you put the 900 in 1600. the downside of this is that you walk around with two duvets but it avoids having to buy 3 …

The Pyrenex down in its storage bag! Yes it should not retain its compressed down attorneys in its carrying bag. The storage bag is included with the sleeping bag.

4. Furthermore, the least and our opinion

Most :

  • A safe bet
  • Quality and premium finish
  • Weight and size
  • A French brand
  • Quality / Price
  • joinable
  • Combinable with other quilts
  • The small internal pocket for handkerchiefs, watches, mobile …

The lessers

  • unique sizes

Our opinion :

Hard to find fault with this sleeping bag upscale because even though we are not experts, it offers a quality / price excellent compared to what we saw elsewhere. Even Decathlon does not offer comparable products at lower prices. Their products are often heavier, bulkier or less finished. Note also that this is a French company (it has more and more) and they offer simple and effective solutions such as combining are sleeping bags with another.

5. Practical information:

Website Pyrenex (duvets are at the bottom of page): Duvets Pyrenex

Price: Starting at € 199 (enough for Iceland)

Version Alpine 900:

-Operating temperatures: Extreme: -17 ° c, Limit comfort: -1 ° C, Comfort: 4 ° C (IFTH test)

-Form sarcophagus

-Sleeping bag combinable with Alpine closure left 900

-Warmth Colerette

-Carrying Case Cover + Storage

-Alpine 900 Alpine integrated into the bag in 1600 to form a duplicate bag (Velcro flap)

-Construction: partition tiles 15 compartments-Treatment QuickDry: easy maintenance, fast drying, improved wet behavior

-Volume 8 l / compressed Volume 6.6 l

– Price: € 199

Version Alpine 1200 :

-Operating temperatures: Extreme: -23 ° c, Limit comfort: -5 ° c, Comfort: 0 ° C (IFTH test)

-Form sarcophagus

-Sleeping bag combinable with Alpine in 1200 right closure

-Warmth Colerette

-Construction: partition tiles 15 compartments – Treatment QuickDry: easy maintenance, fast drying, improved wet behavior

-Volume 15.8 l / compressed volume 13l

-Price: € 225