Putting Two Hooks on One Fishing Line

If we are the lovers of fishing and would love to learn how to fish, but we never had time to learn the various techniques, all you have to do is search the Businessjust.com, all guides dedicated to the world of fishing and with easy steps we will illustrate how to fish using the various existing techniques. This will make it very simple to learn how to fish and with a little patience and a lot of practice we will definitely catch plenty of fish. In the next steps of this guide, in particular, we will see how to do in order to create a frame from the bottom in 2 hooks. In this way we will have definitely a greater chance of being able to catch something but we’ll have to be very careful not to let them cheat.

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Nylon
  • Swivels
  • Beading
  • lead weights
  • Fluorocarbon
  • Hooks

The first thing we will have to buy the nylon cord that will form the basis of our beam. It is recommended to take one quite often with at least 0.50 mm in diameter. Then, get at least a clip from 1.50 metres and a leader of the same create a loop using a double overhand knot. This will serve to link the frame when the mainline.

In the lower part of the beam we insert the material needed to create a hub for one of the two terminals that will compose the frame. A joint consists of the following items in this order: a stopper, a bead, a micro swivel breakfast, another bead and another stopper. When we have finished creating the joint, we place to 70 centimeters by the slot and, then, we will need to tighten both the Stoppers.

In the lower part of the beam we insert another stopper and then a lead weight ranging between 50 and drilled 100 grams. Below the lead we insert a rubber bumper and a barrel swivel. Stop the stopper a few centimetres from our lead and make sure it is tight it really well. Now we will create the two terminals that then we’re going to add to the two leaders.

The terminal for the joint highest should consist of two parts of fluorocarbon by 0.20mm in diameter for a length of about 60cm. We will choose a short shank hook or long-stemmed, according to the bait that we are going to use. For the terminal of the lower ball seating we will choose to leave it a little longer to get it up to one meter. How we can use the same yarn and hook the first final.