Puma 500 GTX Boots


With the GTX 500, Puma back for road use and sport motorcycle boots. The opening at the rear, initially present on the brand racing models, here promises to bring flexibility and outfit in time for improved motorcycle but also to foot comfort.

Puma, since last year, the models of shoes and boots motorcycle evolve with new features. The German mark took the opportunity to change the names, modeled after different displacements. For the road slightly sport mode, forget the Desmo, here is the 500! A boot waterproof and homologated wanted comfortable which is characterised by a threading to share.
Puma 500 GTX boots: For the bike… and the market
Like many of their counterparts, the retro women’s boots are intended for bikers having a reasonably sporty use of their motorcycle. Understand over there that they have nothing against a one-time getaway on track for which the interchangeable toe slider will be practical, but this isn’t their first destination. The focus here is on the comfort of rolling with a Gore-Tex membrane to ensure foolproof in the face of weather resistance. Similarly, Puma has placed a large bellows on the top of the foot and instep to encourage flexion. But it is especially the location of the main zip (waterproof), which attracts the attention. This last is not on the sides but on the back of the boot, opening onto a wide padded tongue. Thus gained, the Puma 500 will not introduce annoying stiffness when walking or area may be weakening over the months.

Sober look and present protections
Similarly, the height of the boot at the level of the toes has been increased while the area around the malleoli received padding for extra comfort, there still allowed by the displacement of the opening at the back. A large rigid hull takes place in front of the tibia so that around the heel while the front of the foot is him also strengthened (under leather) where this slightly angular. And for the summer runs, the insole is ventilated. It may also withdraw to pass under the SOAP if the heat wave transform socks into cheese from Auvergne.
For a little improved night visibility, the side logo is retro-reflective to change from black to white when it is lit.

The Puma 500 GTX boots are available in a unique black color with sizes ranging from 38 to 46 for a price of € 249. For a decline of €50 compared to the model they replace. A welcome tariff readjustment.