Promise Rings: Rings of Famous Models, Prices and Tips

The beginning of a relationship is always a very special moment.When the relationship gets more serious and one of the parties or both decide to show everybody the commitment to the use of a ring, everything gets even more interesting. Some couples find unnecessary the use of the Alliance, but there are girls who consider a proof of love make a promise ring.

In addition to being a form of demonstration of loyalty and unity, the promise rings often avoid embarrassing situations and, just between us, diminish the “temptation” of men for a possible betrayal. But how to choose the perfect model?!

In the image above you see the models chosen by famous that decided to show the world your sentimental status. Some opted for large stones, others preferred the larger models made in gold. This shows the range of options for all tastes.

A tip in choosing the perfect ring is to take into consideration how much you intend to spend. The prices of the rings of commitments depend on size, material, the presence or absence of stones and the amount of detail. The more unique is the more expensive model. Here at you can get more different models of the jewelry.

Who has little capital should choose the simplest alliances, made in gold or silver and without bright. The bigger the width of the ring, the greater the value. People who are not concerned with the price can choose rings with large stones like those used by celebrities.

But what about you, what do you think of the tips? And the rings? Leave your comment.