Product Test: Trekstor Portable Wlan Hotspot

Aka Huawei E5 and consortia…

Product Test: Trekstor Portable Wlan Hotspot
If you look at the TrekStor Portable WLAN HotSpot , you first experience a Déjà-vu. Finally, the UMTS WLAN router of Trekstor and the Huawei E5 equal like one egg the other. The latter toy, a mobile digital bohemian, has already been taken by both our author, Hans-Peter Pfeil, and myself, as well. But the TrekStor ” Portable WLAN HotSpot ” is really a identical twin of the Far Eastern mobile miracle, or does it still exist handfast differences in both models? A closer look should answer this question.
Delivery volume
A look at the price tag at Cyberport initially revealed no major surprise, both the Huawei E5, and the TrekStor Portable WLAN HotSpot cost both each 129,90 EUR. The first difference, however, is included in the delivery, because the TrekStor does not have a separate power supply and contains only one (very short) mini-USB cable for charging the battery. The Huawei, on the other hand, is supplied as standard with an additional power supply, in addition to the obligatory mini USB cable. It is a pity that TrekStor has decided to pass on the foreseeable price advantage to the customers. So you have to spend another five to ten euros for a USB power supply, one would like to load the TrekStore not only on the computer.

There is no functional difference in the case, the TrekStor has the same dot matrix display of the Huawei E5, as expected, it also appears as “E5” in the display during system start. Only the required label with the name of TrekStor reveals that it is “other” device. Unfortunately, TrekStor probably had too little capital to be able to afford a complete renaming. For already on the back we see the logo and names of Huawei. As with the E5, I find the TrekStor WiFi key and SSID over a sticker back. Very curious however the view in the device. Of course, the TrekStor also uses the same battery of the E5 as far as usual. However, the product name “Huawei E5830” can be found inside. At the moment, the name of my older imported device from England , said model with the colorful LED lights instead of the current dot matrix display. You have to smile a little, now, with so much confusion in the jungle of the Chinese ODM production at Huawei, because of course the TrekStor is completely manufactured by Huawei-a device, a thousand numbers!

Firmware and/or Web Interface
If there were no differences so far, there is still the hope that TrekStor has gotten its own web interface, right? In the then announced product announcement at Golem , it was said:“Trekstor, on request, said that the Trekstor Portable WLAN Hotspot is based on a Huawei E5830-both the case shape and the technical data suggest this. The firmware was changed by Trekstor and also the accessories are different. “ As far as the information of the PR department of TrekStor, although with the changed accessories retained one right, however, I would not omit the omission of this as a quality feature.

The webinterface we reach over the already known 192.168… -URL, with the result that here also me a Déjà-vu sneaks. Interface and function are identical to the last button. Only the logo was replaced by a different, matching PNG file. With the TrekStor there are also no pre-set APN profiles, although the automatic detection (if supported) the SIM works, so at least on my o2 card.

I like to confirm, the TrekStor Portable WLAN HotSpot is actually a Huawei E5. The differences are solely for the different marketing, even if the missing power supply is negative for the same selling price. From this point of view, the (informed) customer will certainly be more inclined to the Huawei E5. However, there is a good reason to leave the TrekStor Portable WLAN HotSpot on offer at Cyberport. Apart from price/performance, availability also plays a decisive role in our business. The Huawei E5 will be available again in a few weeks, but the TrekStor is already on our way to our warehouse. So if you need a portable UMTS WLAN router in the short term, the TrekStor is at least a viable alternative to the Huawei E5.