Product Test: Ozaki Icarry Bike S-Bike Holder For Iphone 3gs And 4

Be careful! (With caution to be enjoyed)

Product Test: Ozaki Icarry Bike S-Bike Holder For Iphone 3gs And 4
A year ago, we tested the iPhone bike holder BioLogic BikeMount from Dahon , by the way identical with the BikeConsole of Tigra. Meanwhile, Dahon has slightly revised the product and improved the locking mechanism. Weather resistance remains the same. All weather cyclists should wear their beloved iPhone better weatherproof in an AquaPac on the body or put them in a waterproof backpack when dark clouds are in the sky. But now we come to the holder iCarry Bike S from Ozaki . The best way forward: thanks to the ball joint you can adjust the bike holder for the iPhone comfortably and always has an optimal view on the display of the sensitive smartphone. But that’s all there is to say about it.
Why, why and why? 
“Sensitive”: the iCarry Bike S comes right out of the writingles. Compared to the competing products of Dahon and Tigra, the Ozaki product has no screen protection. In other words, the iPhone is exposed to weather conditions without protection. A few raindrops are already enough to add to the smartphone considerably. At all, Ozaki’s bike holder leaves a few wishes open and raises many questions. For example: Why does the construction of the support tray, in which the iPhone is sitting, look two parts? Why was the padding of the holding tray saved? Why is the bracket not protected against bad weather and dust? The questionnaire could go on indefinitely. The fact is, whoever decides to buy the Ozaki iCarry Bike S has to accept some disadvantages. The main concentration on the bike tour is no longer limited to road traffic, but increasingly to the well-being of the smart phone. A No-Go!

Fear goes with…
To the details: The iPhone sits very waisted in the Halteschale. The snap-lock of the upper part of the bracket is designed to prevent the unit from falling out on bumpy sections. An additional rubber band also ensure that you do not lose the upper part on the way. For biking in heavy terrain one should not use the iCarry nevertheless. We strongly advise against this! -Just imagine the following situation: Full journey ahead, root path or cobblestone pavement.The snap lock suddenly opens, the upper half of the attachment slips away, the iPhone jumps out of the holder… the rest of the story is likely to pose a considerable pain to sensitive natures among our readers. That is why we are saving ourselves here at this point the further description.

Not gently to the iPhone …
If we do not think of the worst case and if we move into a comfortable bike ride in bright sunshine on smooth asphalt, the iCarry Bike S system will cloud the driving pleasure after some kilometers through unsightly scrubbing points on the iPhone housing. The iCarry is made of rigid hard plastic. A dust grain is enough and the noble iPhone finish is sensitive. For our taste also a thing of impossibility.

Connectivity The
user can not call the product from Ozaki. The iPhone can not be loaded as with Dahon or Tigra times quickly with an Zusatzakku (see article to the product of Just Mobile ). The Dock Connector remains concealed for a dubious reason, as our readers will see below in the text.

Test a YouTube user.

However, the headphone connection can be achieved and used. It is protected against moisture by a rubber stopper and can be removed if necessary. But which contemporary is already riding an earplug? Apart from the fact that the road traffic regulations do not allow at all. So if you want to listen to some music during the Radltour, you need to make do with the sound from the iPhone’s speakers. A dubious pleasure, which spontaneously arouses funny childhood memories. Already in the 70s of the last century there were small transistor radios, which could be clamped on the handlebar. Usually these colorful radio receivers held only one summer. Quaking was not a soundtrack for a road movie. The logical consequence of the background of the suburban backdrops was therefore in the 80s, therefore, logical: ghetto truck with quick-release rubbers lined on the luggage rack and the neighborhood sounded with bass-heavy vibes. The turmoil of a peaceful Sunday morning on the local main street was certain. You did not have to travel to London to the “Riot”.

By the way: the volume controls on the side of the iPhone remain hidden during the exit in the iCarry. All settings must be done with sweating fingers on the iPhone display directly.Happy is the one who immediately hits the respective controls in the app menus. Frequent intermediate stops are therefore planned during the next trip and are a source of the joy of movement (not only) of the passengers.

Earpiece instead of real “Amplifier”
Another thing: The supposedly built-in amplifier of the iCarry is nothing but a earpiece as in the times of our great-grandfathers. So no electronic amplification of the iPhone speakers is to be expected with the so-called “iCarry Soundsystem”. The volume and the sound of the iPhone are not raised high, but remind of a whisper bag. A (well-intentioned) tried-and-true principle, but a rustling, which thinks in the term “Amplifier” on the packaging to HiFi-enjoyment.

No product to love! The good 35 euros for the OZAKI iCarry Bike S please better save and possibly in a mount of Dahon or Tigra invest. Those provide at least a little more weather protection and allow an external power supply during the ride. Dahon has a charging adapter in the program, which uses a hub dynamo to feed the necessary energy into the electricity-consuming iPhone. And another advantage not to be underestimated: the BioLogic Box itself can be easily removed with a clip system like a cell phone belt bag. During breaks, you can take them comfortably and practically to the cyclists’ stop.