Product Test: Iphone 3gs (16gb Model)-Part 1

THE smartphone par excellence?

Product Test: Iphone 3gs (16gb Model)-Part 1
After Apple with the new iPods nothing really new presented and rather disappointed than enthusiastically, I have decided shortly an EU iPhone 3GS concerned. In a short review, I have already said, now, there is the real, detailed test report for fans and all who want to become fans. Delivery: In the small (white or black) cardboard box you can still find a headset with microphone and remote control, the USB data cable and the USB Charger in addition to the iPhone 3GS 16GB. In addition, there is as a small user manual and a suitable shell for the Apple Universal Dock. More can not be found in the box. Other manufacturers, I would at this point for the lack of accessories, I think it is good that Apple packs everything in a small space and thus saves space and thus CO2 during transportation.
Apparently the marketing of Apple convinced me somewhat more than the other manufacturers. Funny, but it is.;-) Sven has also already determined that I will be Mac-user soon.

The design of the iPhone is just plain, but imposing. White back, silver frame, black display surround and the 3.5-inch display, to the top of the SIM card slot and the on/off switch, to the left of the switches to adjust the profile “quiet”, including the volume control, At the bottom of the plug for the USB cable, at the top is the “Home” button below the display-the ground-breaking, simple yet fantastic design is finished. With its rounded corners, the iPhone is not quite as thick and is comfortable in the hand.

The iPhone is only 116 x 62 x 12 mm and weighs 135 g, the old iPhone 3G was just as big and just under 2 g lighter. The back is made of a high-quality plastic, depending on the model in white or black. Here are also the Apple logo and the technical data printed, so that every connoisseur on the phone can see that you have the 3GS-noncompetitors see only the iPhone, and that is unfortunately the shape and the color identical with the old 3G. The backside in white soils and scratches subjectively less quickly than the black surface, here you can see scratches and fingerprints, which simply in the white. The glass surface of the display, on the other hand, is coated with a nano-coating-fingerprints are just as easy as with an iPhone 3G, but the wiping is much easier. Once wipe and almost everything is gone. This is a smart move from Apple, because body fat on the smartphone always look bad.

The processing is equal to the device price, if not better. Comparing the iPhone with phones like the Nokia N97, which also has a relatively high price (had), so that is a difference like day and night. No creaking, no gaps-nothing like an Apple product would not expect.However, I must emphasize at this point that I am lucky, my display shows the white as white. There are probably series showings of the display, at which the white sometimes also yellow can become. Also, the “Home” button is through and not spongy to press, there have already been complaints from iPhone users. I myself have not fallen on the floor, but I have seen an iPhone that has already fallen several times and has not been treated very carefully, everything is no problem. And so I do without a bag because I simply have the necessary confidence in the processing.

The iPhone 3GS is madly good in the hand. With the high-quality plastic of the back, the round edges and just 135 g of weight, it is a hand flatterer that never gets too heavy even when talking. It is neither too small, so that the hand hurts when prolonged use, still too great. It can easily be placed in a jean bag. The finger slides almost weightlessly over the capacitive display, with other touch smartphones the finger must be pushed almost forcefully over the display, here it is always fun. The few control elements are easy to handle and react as they should, fast and easy, the pressure point also pleases absolutely.