Product Review: Iphone 3gs (16gb Model)-Part 2

THE smartphone par excellence?
Operation: The operating concept of the iPhone is simply awesome. Even if it is not as intuitive as you could make it, it is better than the pseudo operating concepts of other manufacturers. As keys, there is only the Home button to return to the start screen, then there is also the volume control, the “quiet” button and an on/off switch. The rest of the functions are controlled via the software and thus via the display. With a touch of the finger buttons can be pressed, with a finger stroke (Apple calls it “patch”) is scrolled and with two fingers is zoomed. The maximum zoom level is achieved with a double finger tip.
Thanks to the well-responsive position sensor, the display turns with the movement of the iPhone, without delay. It does not get any easier and better. Actually, no smartphone needs more keys than the iPhone, unless the software is not mature and the display is not as good as that of the iPhone. The menu interface and also the apps have seen from the point of view of usability very well, you can say except praise words little, only that many people are enthusiastic.

The QWERTZ virtual keyboard also adapts to the orientation of the display, horizontally or vertically. In vertical mode, you can tap one-handedly with your thumb, while the two thumbs are best in horizontal mode. The typing itself is at the beginning habitu need, just when one comes from a QWERTZ hardware keyboard. But with time, you can get used to it, even if there is no haptic feedback when using the keyboard. There is only an acoustic feedback, but that annoys and you can turn it off luckily. By the way, I am also now writing e-mails from my iPhone, they are just shorter than the e-mails, For example with a Blackberry. As excuse is in the signature line “Sent from my iPhone”. But with the short e-mails, I’m not alone among the iPhone owners, many do so ;-). The virtual keyboard also contains a text recognition, which is however just in the German language area rather annoying than helpful. Here I simply converted my iPhone to the English language and now disturb the text proposals no longer.

Although the display has only a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels at 160 DPI, but is absolutely high-quality. The color calibration is very fine (if you have not got a yellow display) and the representation is absolutely razor sharp. It is also easy to read in the strong sunlight and the angle of view almost does not matter, you usually see something. Because other manufacturers can use higher-resolution display, as soon as an iPhone is held, the other smartphones look pale. The menu interface and the multitouch are the highlights that make the iPhone and the display perfect.

As far as the shorter second part. In the coming third, final part of my iPhone test, I throw a detailed look at the technology, the compass, the Internet and photo (video) function and the battery life.