Procel Stamp For LED Lamps

The National Energy Conservation Program (Procel) just incorporate the LED lamps to the Procel Stamp portfolio. This is already the 38th category of equipment that receives the seal.

Procel Stamp For LED Lamps

Regarding compact fluorescent lamps, LED lamps with Procel Stamp may show a 35% lower energy consumption.Compared to incandescent light bulbs, the energy economy can overcome the 80%, with 25 times greater durability.

“It is estimated that, to replace a 60W incandescent bulb by a LED light bulb that produces the same amount of light, the consumer has the opportunity to obtain a saving on electricity bill of approximately R $36 per year, whereas a daily use of 4 hours,” said the Manager of the Division of studies and Efficient of Eletrobras, Rafael David.

Another advantage of LED bulbs is the fact of being free of mercury and, consequently, be easy to discard.

To receive the Procel Stamp, the LED (Light Emitting Diode) must meet specific criteria of safety, quality and performance, as a minimum life of 25,000 hours and high power factor.

Other requirements are the minimum efficiency of 80lm/W (unit of measure lumen per Watt) and IRC 80 (color rendering index).

The use of LED lighting is already a reality. The continuous evolution of technology enables the gradual decrease of production costs and increased sales in several applications.

According to the Brazilian Association of zephyrledlights (Abilux), the Brazilian market of LED products grows more than 30% per year.

Coordinated by the Ministry of mines and energy and executed by Eletrobras, the Procel Stamp aims to be a simple and effective tool to inform consumers about what are the most efficient equipment and appliances available on the market, in addition to encouraging the development and technological improvement of these products.

The new category is the result of a long process involving the main actors of the sector, among them, test laboratories, specialists, manufacturers, importers, distributors of electrical energy and the National Institute of metrology, quality and technology (Inmetro).

To obtain the Procel Stamp, the supplier shall demonstrate that your equipment meets all requirements established by Procel.

For this, the lamps must be subjected to tests in one of the laboratories listed by program: electric energy research center (Cepel Eletrobras); Energy and Environment Institute of the University of São Paulo (IEE-USP); Institute of technology for development (Lactec);Laboratory of lighting technique of UFF (LabLux); Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul (Labellum/PUCRS); Testtech conformity assessment Laboratories Ltd. (Testtech); TOP LAB-laboratory of lighting technique; TÜV Rheinland of Brazil.

The specific criteria for granting the Procel Stamp to LED bulbs, as well as the table of participating products can be accessed on the Portal Procel.