Problem with Nexus 7

When a product is much anticipated and chatted, you can be sure that it will break. Or at least someone will happen. We do not want to then create easy fear-mongering with this article, but only back to complaints arising from multiple sources about the Nexus 7.

It goes without saying that this is the version for sale abroad and then hopefully once construction defects also have been resolved, but if you thought such a purchase worth knowing what you might encounter.

The image above shows a detail of the display of the Nexus 7 which tends to rise over the rest of the body: you can put it back in its place by simply pushing it, but the sticky side is probably been careless in some models, which then tend to recover easily. Needless to say that in these cases the warranty applies, but there are some who may want to simply remove the back cover and tighten all screws on the body: it’s worth a try, but be careful not to damage.

The second problem, highlighted above, is far less resolvable manually, but is also less documented the first case: we talk about the dead pixels.

We emphasize that this is the first delivery of all those huge specimens on the market, so it’s hard to generalize at this point: it is certain that if the problems continue to occur then the speech would change radically and in any case it is pretty hard to do statistics at the time, so we will wait before stamp as “defective” Nexus 7.