Prince Says the “Internet was Already”

During an interview with the British newspaper Daily Mirror pop singer Prince – that between the years 1993 and 2000 changed his stage name by an unintelligible symbol – he said that “the internet is a completely outdated thing.”

“The network is like MTV. For a while it was cool, but suddenly it went out of fashion, “said the artist, who in 2007 initiated an anti-web cross to take your music and site records like Pirate Bay, Ebay and YouTube, as well as remove their own air site.

“I’m always looking for new ways to distribute my work, but I see no reason to offer my songs on iTunes or something. They can not pay me inadvance and get angry for not having my songs, “said the 52 year old singer who is about to release his 27th album called 20TEN, which will be sold only the ways” traditional “or shows, such as the model currently adopted.

In addition to the web, Prince does not see gadgets like the iPod with good eyes, “all these computers and electronic devices are not good. They are just filling people’s heads with numbers, ” he adds. [Mashable]