Prices for The Motorola DEXT with Movistar

We talked about this device and here are their characteristics, remember that this interpretation of Android by Motorola It is characterized by its sliding keyboard and interface MOTOBLUR.

With MOTOBLUR We have on one screen the information of our contacts, networking and agenda acting as our centralized information center.

Telefónica He has already published their prices which we shall detail.

Access to this phone in any case imply a commitment of 24 months and mandatory service of Data rate, We will group the prices according to these data rates. There are other options with the known Idirizzi that we recommend to consult in each case.

Rate in the mobile Internet

At this rate, we are entitled to 100 megabytes of data at speed 3 G (1MBps) starting from which the rate decreases to EDGE/GPRS. As 9 or 20 euros associated voice Plan prices are 219 euros and 129 euros for new high remaining 169 and 69 for portability.

Rate Internet in mobile Plus

This rate has a speed of access of 3MBps and your data allowance rises to 200 Megs to add access to the Hotspots WiFi of Telefónica. This rate has a cost of 15 euros (excl. VAT) per month and 40 voice plans, 60 and 90 euros costs 39, 9 or zero euro to new high. If portability us cost 29 euros in the first case and free the rest.

Internet in mobile Premium rate

Here the cost of the phone is simple, in any case, it’s free but associated with 40 voice plans, 60 and 90 euros and data rate of 25 euros which is equal to the previous one except its franchise of data up to 1 gig.

The Motorola DEXT It will also be accessible on the Points program of Movistar, in this case to get it free we will have to be 294.400 lowering 139.100 in blue area involving commitment of 24 month data fee. With the minimum of points, 6500, we can get it in 341 euros or 285 in zone blue.