Pressy, Thoroughly

After many months since its launch on Kickstarter, by end users who support the Pressy project are receiving the product and you can describe how it works.

There are already many copies of Pressy in the market, Some inexpensive. But who had the original idea was really Pressy and I believe they deserve recognition for having managed to launch this new product. Despite the problems that have been with the production and delays, they have managed to take the project forward.

Physical finishes

Pressy comes in a small cardboard package. To open it we find our version of Pressy, in my case, as you can see in the photos, comes with key fob to place the button there when we are using helmets. Also inside are instructions to download the application and activate the product, since without activation key application cannot be used.

The packaging is simple but is well protected. The general impression of the button is good, with a correct finish and a keychain also with good finishes although different to the original prototype (this is something already commented during the process of communication that we support the project).

The button on the device is quite discreet. In my case I chose black color so no highlight especially. I have to say that in the Nexus 4 looms a little backside, something normal considering the account the form of the terminal. In other more flat terminals at the top should not note much we have a stuck piece.

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Installation and activation

The application setup and installation process is very simple. Simply use the QR code that comes in the box or simply search Google Play the official application. Once this first step is to activate it with the personal code that comes in the box. In my case, I don’t know why, he has not asked me and directly has appeared on. If this is a general bug I guess that you can use with any imitation.

The second step is to select Pressy as service by default when the button is pressed. The process is quite clear and I don’t think offering greater problems to users. It is somewhat similar to when you install a keyboard that asks you to select it as a keyboard by default in the system.

After this only the tutorial, which explains how to make the beats and patterns are created to launch specific actions. The process is very simple and in a minute we’ll be creating our own patterns of keystrokes to launch press actions.

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Actions… some poor and some problems

And here is where we find the first problems. The actions available are somewhat scarce. For example, we can change the State of the terminal between muted and in sound, but we can not put it in vibration. We can launch the camera, but if the terminal is locked and unlock pattern ask for it (it is not able to launch the camera locked). To settle the issue of the camera there is an action which is to take a photo directly, and works with the blocked terminal, although we do not see how is until we enter the Gallery (photos are stored in a different folder).

This sort of thing I hope is be polishing, now that the great advantage of this device is to have many available actions and that adapt to the needs of the users.

Another drawback I see is the patterns available. There is no any pattern that you want to create, but we have 9 patterns available, combination of long and short pulses of a maximum of three presses. Well, either it is now that we need more since I’ve come to realize that it is difficult to remember all.

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Pressy, is worth?

The big question is, is it worth buying Pressy? I think it depends a lot of the cases. Have a quick action button to launch certain applications or change the status of the phone is very comfortable, but consider the limitations that brings (for me, for example, not be able to throw the camera in locked mode is a great snag).

Of course the project found me interesting and so I I supported it. I believe that there is scope for manufacturers include series a button for quick actions and this is a very interesting solution. Disappointed me a little because there are things I wanted to do with the button and I can’t, but may not be the case for many others. However imitations can be also good solution at a price much lower than.