Pregnant Fashion Riachuelo

Store Riachuelo Clothes For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a time when a woman’s body goes through numerous modifications, starting by the measures, due to the large growth of the belly. So, more and more brands are investing in pieces exclusively designed for future mothers, ensuring style, beauty, elegance and, above all, comfort. See the new parts of the Riachuelo for pregnant women:

The line Anne Kanner, the lojas Riachuelo, features exclusive pieces for pregnant women. Are various models inspired from leading current fashion trends, adapted to these women to go through the most important stage of life, pregnancy.

Their tops appear with great strength in the collection, many of them are well soltinhas, perfect for dressing up any fat or even to ensure the comfort of the belly.Cheerful prints give life to the summer looks. Races with lace on the back naturas lend an air of sophistication to the entire combination with basic jeans.

The line also features long dresses, which are great pieces to the station. You can combine them with a blazer or recess calling him Jacques strap, so it is comfortable and protected from the chill usually do at the end of the day. The denim jeans with belt in elastic tissue are indispensable to any pregnant woman, so the Riachuelo couldn’t help but make some models of this piece.

For more information about the collection of pregnant women of the Riachuelo pass in one of the shops nearest to you or our site.