Pregnant Fashion Renner

Maternity Line-Lojas Renner

The fashion world is increasingly democratic, now in addition to investing in clothes in sizes outside the standards imposed by society, valuing the plus size consumer, pregnant women are also gaining a specific look on your current situation. It’s not always easy to find the right outfit at that stage. The jeans stop serving, the shirts, the dresses are short squeeze because of the volume of the stomach, and more. That’s why the Renner established the Maternity line, especially for you, mother-to-be.

Among the pieces created specifically for this new line of Lojas Renner, are jeans with elastic loop waist, which ensures comfort for pregnant women, shirts with mold topping on her tummy, suitable dresses to the format of the future mother’s body and other pieces.

But the clothes for the day to day, the new brand of Renner also manufactures more sophisticated parts for festive occasions, such as long skirts, chiffon shirts and slacks. The possibilities are many, just have good taste and learn to combine the pieces.

Intimate fashion is also included in this novelty. The shop now has specific lingerie for this stage of life, with special bras and panties you don’t tighten your stomach, plus pajamas and beautiful sweaters to ensure every comfort of pregnant women. Now you can be beautiful and without worrying about anything. Renner has even all styles, including that of the pregnant woman.