Pregnant: Choose Your Swimsuit

You are pregnant and you love the pool. There is no reason for it to stop, quite the contrary:it is enough to have a swimsuit adapted to your new morphology.

Show or hide your pregnant belly?

Your body is metamorphosed, your belly is rounded, and you are divided between the idea of highlighting it or not … In any case, you have a choice.Pregnant women can wear swimwear one piece or two pieces.

The benefits of the two piece swimsuit:it highlights your sexy silhouette of pregnant woman.If you are not afraid to show your can, there are very nice bikinis for pregnant women.The great advantage: feel the waves or the movement of water on your belly.It’s nice for you and for the future baby.

And the one piece swimsuit?No eyes riveted on your fat belly, and no risk of sunburn.With a one piece swimsuit, baby seems a little better protected.It’s also more comfortable for you: you do not have to constantly check that your swimsuit is well set.

Do you know the tankini?It’s handy:with a tank top and pants, you hide your belly, but you’re not “locked” in a one piece swimsuit.This seems an ideal compromise.

A pregnancy swimsuit for how long?

If you plan to swim from the beginning to the end of your pregnancy, you may need to buy a new swimsuit along the way.Otherwise, choose a bikini or a tankini so that your belly can be rounded without embarrassment!

Looking for a fashion pregnancy swimsuit for your prenatal swimming sessions, or for your summer vacation?At that time, choose it according to the size of your tummy.It is better to plan wider, you will necessarily gain some weight over time.

Anyway, the pregnancy swimwear are stretchable .Firm, but stretchable.This is planned for!

Comfort and support: 2 criteria of choice for your pregnancy swimsuit

Whether it is a room or two rooms, your pregnancy swimwear must above all be comfortable.You must bear the baby weight, do not inflict, in addition, the thin straps knotted in the neck for example.The bustiers are not always comfortable either, but to you to test what is best for you.

Since your pregnancy, your chest has grown, and it needs to be well maintained.This is also the comfort.Armatures are not always necessary, depending on the fabric, the strength and the cut of the swimsuit.You will have to invade the dressing rooms!So you do not have to look sweet at your old swimsuit completely relaxed, which has lost all its elasticity …

Swimsuit for pregnant women … or not

In early pregnancy, you can optionally choose a “classic” swimsuit, that you will take one or two sizes above your usual size. Depending on the progress of your pregnancy, you will have to turn to swimwear suited for pregnant women. If there are pregnancy swimwear, so enjoy it!They are pruned specifically, and not more expensive than other swimwear.

You want to choose a two piece swimsuit: you will certainly have many choices (size, shape, color, etc.) among the “classic” bathing suits or pregnancy swimwear.

To know:when you choose your pregnancy swimsuit , take your usual size.

Now that you know all this, take a look at the models of pregnancy swimwear that you will find at many brands of clothing. Good shopping, and most importantly, take care of yourself and baby!