Pouf Folding Bed

The poufs convertible into bed are very useful space saving solutions to the problem of hospitality of friends and relatives for the night. When in a house there is no room for guests for obvious problems of space, the only viable solution is to equip themselves with occasional beds and cots, to pull off and fix if necessary.

Not always the solutions adopted for night hospitality are aesthetically pleasing, much is that these structures for the rest often are folded and lying in the cellar or attic, to be pulled out only in case of need.

A separate discussion deserve the ottoman bed.

These are accessories that are perfectly integrated furnishing and the dominant style of each house, giving the landlord the opportunity to host friends and family at any time, without having to pose too many problems and not to engage in strenuous movements of furniture and objects different, to make room for bulky structures, relegated to some hidden corner of the house.

According to aceinland, a wood bed in the living room or bedroom just to solve every problem hospitality.

In a cuboid-shaped surface lies a mattress and a folding frame, extendable up to the creation of a table, easily set up whenever the opportunity presents itself.

From the aesthetic point of view the colorful covers and easily removable and washable and therefore preservabili over time, make these modern accessories, original and adaptable to any style.

It is featuring a massive structure and a thick mattress and comfortable it SLEEPING CUBE Arketicom.

It is a pouf in the shape of a parallelepiped (60 cm wide, 60 cm deep, 45 cm height), beige in color, with a mattress folded on itself to form three layers and ending with a tone bearing on tone.

The supporting structure is made of plywood boards, the pins are scratch-resistant wood, padding in polyurethane foam-intensive.

A handmade product, internally done by hand, with good finishes. Achievable in other solid color fabrics (red, white, blue, black) or floral design in shades of beige and gold.

An elegant and refined complement. Adaptable to both salons bedrooms, furnished in both classical and modern styles.

More traditional in form and cover the Model SOFIA Divani Bridges.

A ottoman in the shape of a parallelepiped, provided with welded mesh, polyurethane foam mattress of 10 cm in height, mite coating, coverage in orange water-repellent fabric.

This is also an artisan product, entirely Made in Italy. The manufacturer offers the possibility to choose from a multitude of fabrics and colors to facilitate the matching accessory for any room.

A comfortable ottoman, small and well finished. The ideal solution to the problem of hospitality, to be placed in the living room or bedroom, furnished in classic style.

Definitely the most modern model Abeil armchair.

It is a pouf cuboid, consisting of three layers: two for the mattress, the third party concerned as headrests and armrests, typical elements of a comfortable armchair.

Both the mattress that the finishing bearings are made of high density polyurethane, guarantee of great softness and comfort both for sitting and for the night’s sleep.

Characterized by finely worked white cover, removable and washable, it stands as a complement of great aesthetic impact.

Suitable to embellish rooms furnished in modern style, especially salons and bedrooms, ensuring a viable solution to the problem nocturnal hospitality.