PopCap Take Plants Vs Zombies and Peggle to The Market Throughout This Week

One of the things that some hardcore androideros envy of the iOS App Store is great attention received by the developers to the games to mobile terminals, doing that many times we have to suffer us not be able to play many of the games that immediately come out in iOS but never come to Android, and if they do not, as a general rule usually arrive late.

A bloody case is that of PopCap, casual game developer par excellence, which, under his belt, contains titles from the likes of Plants Vs Zombies, one of the first high level games receiving the moving. The game is of the year 2009, date in which was launched to desktops, and I get to iOS in 2010. It has been a very long hiatus and PopCap has already announced in his day which would take the game to Android, although history did not end so well as expected.

Obviously, the game came to Android and PopCap fulfilled his promise, worse problem general lies in the game was launched only in Amazon’s App Store at the end of May this year. As many know by now, Amazon’s App Store only allows you to download games in the United States, except for a few hours that allowed otherwise. And many international players we frustamos the refusal of Amazon allow download applications outside of United States.

And is that PopCap has acknowledged its errors and has announced that It will launch the app in the Android Market, allowing all players to enjoy plants Vs Zombies, but that is not all, since the game will not only reach. They have also announced that one of its most popular games will reach the Market, and is neither more nor less than Peggle, one of the most recognized by the players since his departure on desktop consoles. With moves like this, the Android Market is showing as an additional platform of games able to compete with Apple’s App Store in a matter of support of big names in games.

In terms of the price of games, has transcended to arrive in cost $2.99 and surely becomes typical converting a dollar a euro and the price stays at €2.99 barring major surprises. The game can run on any terminal with 1.5 Cupcake or higher, i.e. all Terminal, and although you are not optimized for tablets, have promised there will be no problems in large resolutions.