Polka Dots Swimming Suit

There are a few things that almost go out of fashion – tiger, leopard patterns (at least in our latitudes), the combination black and white in recent years turned out – points.

Let’s talk more specifically about the points – and this season they will be honored and will enjoy each and every shop window – without any exaggeration. This year you can find points on everything – shirts, blouses, pants, skirts, dresses, swimwear, shoes, bags, accessories. The points are simply everywhere according to pauldigo.com.

You can select those that you you like – little dots type ladybug, a medium-size or large points to give the main focus of your whole outfit.

The combination color also is endless – you can find the various combinations in almost all colors – red base and green dots, orange base with black small dots and classic (as already mentioned neizlizashto of fashion forever) black and white as the base and can be of two colors.

Points can also be patterned – especially suitable for swimsuit. The most relevant for this year will remain points on translucent and delicate sheer fabrics most appropriate colors you will be beige, black and white, as well as the absolute favorite for the new season yellow.

It is difficult to imagine that the points would look good on any garment – casual and formal, but there are great hits with chic dresses that carry within themselves an element of retro dresses and that look brilliant with small dots on its own. The cuts of the clothes are classic and simple, so did the points give enough good nature of any garment or accessory.

Remember that when you decided to put on points is not a good idea to add shoes and accessories with the same application. Emphasize one – that is, or select a garment points and cleared accessories or accessories let be points at the expense of clothes.