Plus Size Fashion Wardrobe

Contemporary wardrobe full of women includes many things that are designed for office and leisure. This article presents the main storage for overweight women who could become the prototype of individual style. Using the proposed wardrobe for obese women can make individual capsules daily. This basic wardrobe full of women will be guaranteed deprived of the most typical and common mistakes. The turn directly parsing your future wardrobe. It is much easier to buy clothes, breaking it in capsules.

Speaking of clothes minimum, you must have a business to run the capsule, the capsule per day (summer, winter and off-options) and a holiday weekend. Options capsules depend on your lifestyle, purse condition and imagination.

What is a capsule wardrobe? This set of clothes and a set of accessories that allow you to create at least five different images for every occasion in your life. Optimal capsule consists of seven positions. This selection of clothing for the capsules allows you to have a basic set of clothes for every occasion and season from

There was always this dress, you must have in your closet a number of needs.

  • Four jumpers: the release of two holiday both for home.
  • Seven shirts in different colors – with or without sleeves.
  • A coat, a jacket, a coat and a jacket in the offseason.
  • Two shirts, one exit and every day.
  • Four pairs of pants and four skirts. Remember that when you sit down, underwear nobody sees, so you can save a little. Take at least one suit for winter and summer.
  • Dresses can be the most: casual, business, little black cocktail long evening. Wedding someday must also appear.

Tip specialist. The standard capsule is seven items of clothing and accessories collection. Suddenly you assume will not wear, but this set will allow you to keep the overall style and pick up clothes for the season and the situation. With the sun out the window? Distributions skirt and shirt. Colder – pants and jacket. There fall – adding cloak. Change your clothes as you want, but the style and image remain the same!

Trendy Winter Wardrobe

As a full winter dress women, not further burden not perfect figure and does not create an excessive amount? This is necessary to observe certain rules, which is full of modern wardrobe for women. Winter wardrobe full of women presents some difficulties in the selection of coats, jackets and coats. It is important to choose the right clothes. Imagine how annoying it would be if carefully approached choose outfits and then covered baggy jacket. Principles cut and color are exactly the same as when choosing clothes for every day.

For large breasts choose the double-breasted coat. Pay attention to the details – do not buy jackets with large pockets, lush fur trim on the sleeves and collar.