Plus Size Clothing Stores

Knowing how to enhance

Any physical category you belong, to dress well first you must try to focus on what are the strengths and weaknesses of one’s own body. Then you can start looking for the right clothing, having a clear idea of what denominations prefer. Knowing exactly what you’re looking for, the market also will meet us with specific proposals. For all, some tips to make its mark.

  • Remember that wearing one color helps. Better to choose dark shades. Total black is definitely the favorite of many women, but you can also choose the midnight blue, plum, forest green;
  • Vertical lines create an illusion that makes it sound like the highest and slender physique. Don’t forget that the horizontal lines have the opposite effect;
  • The right fit: i.e. never wear clothes too tight but not with clothes too broad. So no to nylons if you have strong legs, but no even the pants too large or maxi skirts;
  • Choose the materials with care: better light at the expense of fabrics and textiles slipped thinking how very coarse wool or tweed or corduroy;
  • Remember your weaknesses: the dress first must give yourselves, then, if possible, be fashionable. None of us can follow all the guidelines dictated by the seasons trends, better to choose what news are for ours.

Also, the height is very important. So green light for heels and wedges. Remember that to slim the figure a good idea is always wear ankle-cropped pants with heels.


Accessories for plus sizes are used to enhance certain parts of the body, emphasize curves and attract attention wherever we want. Also complete the attire, giving that extra touch that makes the whole thing more polished or lively.

If, for example, aimed at a total black look to slim the figure, then you can help to break colorful accessories. If we have an hourglass physique, for example, we can focus on a belt that enhances life, perhaps by choosing a bright color or paint.

For those who have a physical apple, recommend scarves and necklaces, to attract attention to the neck. Better not too bulky scarves, perhaps in silk. The same goes for necklaces: better not to exaggerate in magnitude and in length, we risk having the opposite effect.

Also some colors are harder to take when you have a few extra pounds: in this case you don’t have to give it up, but you can match shoes, bags, accessories, choosing the shade you want. For example, if you like the white, but can’t afford it because fat, you can bet on a bag of this color and you can also combine a pair of earrings where white prevails. Blue slims the figure and clothing, combined with white, is highly refined. Great fun even match gold bangles with ballerinas of the same color, maybe bring a simple jeans.

Finally, even the hair giving a refined touch and fun to plus size clothing: If you high stakes quietly on a wide-brimmed hat, which also creates a play of light and shadow on the face.

Plus size clothing stores

Did we mention that making an afternoon of shopping, if we take a size 48 or more, it can be really frustrating. Better organize our ride the route, so as not to make a hole in the water. Here are some ideas.

Fiorella Rubino is definitely a brand fresh collections, characterized by very fashionable garments: colourful patterns, flared jackets combined with thin scarves. Elena Miro offers a line of jeans with different cuts. Lawschoolsinusa is a classic choice, offering the benefits of selected materials. Max Mara devotes a selections of apparel at large sizes, with the mark person and a testimonial as Vanessa Incontrada. Even Miss offers Comfortable fashions, even beyond the size 50.

Even some large chains have clothes for plus sizes, but you might have to make a selection of garments, not all created specifically for different types of physical. For example, the chain Zara has a good selection of plus sizes. By OVS there is an assortment of sizes, up to 60. Prices are content and you will surely find cardigans and blouses that are right for you. If you live in Milan, find sizes up to 50 and fine cuts of American clothing giant Gap, pants.