Plus Size Clothing Buying Guide

Clothing for plus sizes is a very sensitive subject to deal with, since they concern a group of people who have a hard time finding the right clothing, because of their sizes. In stores, in fact, often are not suitable for all sizes and most importantly, not all physical conformations.

Bigger sizes to 44

Define what the plus sizes is not simple: it is a non-unique or definitive definition, depending on market trends and choices of fashion houses. If we try to take a ride around the shops of clothing brands more or less known, we observe that the distribution of some sizes is greater, at the expense of others, which are rare or even unobtainable.

If we take as an example the ladies’ trousers, we can easily understand that the sizes between the 38 and 44 are always available. Starting from 46, however, we see that the number of animals decreases for forays abruptly if it concerns a 48. If we seek a 50, probably not going to find her at all. In truth, many fashion brands would rather not produce large sizes for business and marketing reasons. Thus we conclude that large sizes are the sizes not manufactured by all companies of clothing because it considered too large for the models.

But we see specifically what sizes we speak. Surely the sizes starting from 50, but not only. Today, the plus size is also the 48 and, according to some, also 46. Let’s say the woman wearing a larger size to 44 begins to have difficulty in dressing, and must be for the plus size category, if you want to find models that sock well on your body. In this guide we will see how to orient ourselves in the market, if we bring a higher size to 44.


As we said the fashion establishes the market trends, highlighting some at the expense of other sizes. But it is also true that the fashion world did not remain completely indifferent to this category of women: we are talking about women from the physical soft, who do not want to lose the opportunity to feel fashionable and beautiful even with a few extra pounds. Indeed, these women want to hide certain parts of the body and enhance others.

For this reason, clothing for plus sizes is a sector which is not easy: you have to work on patterns and fabrics to achieve maximum results. Leaders must have the best fit, and in addition they must be feminine and fashionable.

The biggest problem concerns the pants, because it includes not only the size, but, in this case, even the physical conformation: we may be faced with a narrow waist with sturdy legs pretty, or, on the contrary, such a waistline weighed down with legs in line. There is no need, therefore, to a number of different models that meet your individual requirements. Also, it would be very important to find qualified staff in stores, so you can get advice targeted for their body type.

In this kind of clothes the most delicate are the pants: cuts and models should be varied, and stretch fabrics and that adapt well to the physical. To the top the mix should be varied, alternating wider cuts with flared models and different types of details: for example, three quarter sleeves or a balloon. The choice of colors of the collection is critical: it must be fashionable, but they also serve the purpose of streamlining.

Physical form

Fall into that group of women wearing the so-called plus sizes means not having a wide choice of clothing. It also means having a body with soft curves and sometimes a few extra pounds. But not only. Because not all women are the same and the body shape is important and we must keep it in mind in the selection of clothes to wear.

For example, a woman with the narrow waist and hips will need some cutting of trousers, which will not be the same as a woman with the belly a bit pronounced. The two women will likely lead the same size, despite having completely different needs.

But we see better what are the most common types of female body shape and how to dress in each of these cases:

  • Hourglass shape: narrow waist, bust and curvy legs. Women who have a physical with hourglass shape, must choose a type of clothing that enhances the narrow waist. Fine blouses or shirts with V-necklines, even deep. For the upper part, the important thing is not to choose clothes too tight. For the bottom, better bet on pencil skirts or high-waisted pants. The heels are important as they enhance the figure. Fit the wedges;
  • Pear shape: upper body, legs and curvaceous hips. Fit low-cut shirts, preferably with boat neckline. The balloon sleeves. You can opt for a push up bra. For pants, better to choose a loose fit. Creases are prohibited in favour of soft fluid fabrics skirts;
  • Apple shape: here the buxom focuses on the abdomen, chest, arms and shoulders. We must try to enhance your legs, so green light to bermuda and skirts, but also in leggings and tight jeans. For the top, flared jackets.