Plus Size Black Dress With Patches Xica Vain

I know that you are feeling a lack of posts and especially the looks. My MBA has just begun, has 1000 work stuff going on and unfortunately there just left pro blog. We ask only that have a little bit of patience in this new phase of adaptation, but it will all enter the shaft! To kill the homesickness of you the looks, today I show one of the releases of Xica Vain: plus size black dress with patches. He is super cute, fun and jovial because it has the tendency of fun patches on it. I don’t need to tell you how much I’m loving this trend, huh? The child who dwells in me is all happy!

Plus size black dress look with patches Xica Vain

Let’s talk about something delicate: I gained about 10 kg at the beginning of the year over here for a number of reasons that don’t even matter at this point, but I’m wondering quite this my “new body” and while I can’t start the diet to get back to my weight of fat ever (Yes, right now I can’t do anything and also we don’t want to talk about here) I have to accept that I am now so that and I can’t let me shake. When I saw the dress I was a little afraid to use because he is set, cut straighter, but it was very good. Used with hair straightener because I’ve always had the habit of using it, so my point is to tell you that we need to play and try the clothes, let our fear aside because, often, do you think a play is not going to be cool and stay! I was charmed by the plus size black dress with patches Xica Vain.

This Melissa Sauce Sandal is a delight to use! Super comfortable and estilosinha for the warmer seasons. Is the new collection: MASH UP!

Incidentally, I should like to say that the new collection of Xica Vain okay. I bought a very cute hat from vest in the Bazaar Pop Plus and I can’t wait to use it because it’s a lot of love! Like the look? Oh, my hair was done by my amazing Hairstylist, Ana Laura! I had gone to hydration and there she took to playing with the new sections! hehehehe. Kisses, darlings! < 3