Play Organ Trail Will Come to Android

No, is not one of our normal pace that understandable errors of spelling in the title, since We are not going to try Oregon Trail, one of the most memorable games of all time is, among other things, the first video game that was marketed, although it is not marketed as such, but as an educational instrument that taught the difficulties about management on long journeys of the American colonists.

Organ Trail It is a game that is based on the same mechanics as the original game: manage a trip to arrive from Independence, Missouri hatsa Oregon City. The purpose of the trip? a classic that is repeated in recent years: a zombie apocalypse. This game has been available on Facebook to compete with high scores, but the team has opened a project on Kickstarter to raise funds to iOS and Android.

Unlike the original game, the main news is that in time when hunting instead of killing animals to kill zombies that can do that we lose our team members. Right now they are two weeks to bring forward the collection of project funds and having reached the $5,000 investment game will be Android despite being designed initially for iOS.

What is the collection of investment? It is mainly talking about polishing technical details and errors, a severe improvement in graphics and can definitely incorporate a decent musical collection. The game is expected for spring, already then We will see if our colleagues die prior to zombification or dysentery.