Play Cookie Clicker Prepares to Come to Android

There are a lot of rare games, inexplicable and game that, as much as you explain, you fail to understand that they have been so successful. One of these games is Cookie Clicker, a game without many pretensions that has finished taking a success notable, despite a not very well known game remain outside the sphere of the indies game fans and surreal.

The game, which for the moment is only in browser, has a simple premise but not be able to: make cookies. For this we must click a cookie and a cookie will be created. These cookies you can buy all kinds of things that will help us do more faster cookies, from grandmothers to time machines. And this game is going to end up coming to Android.

According to the creator of the game announced in to the list of news, This game expect to arrive to mobile devices, and among them is the Android operating system. Even without dates and details of any kind, it has been confirmed that the game will arrive first on Android for then, in the event of power, take the game to iOS.

The big question is how it is going to make the game will work properly, because the browser it is sufficient to leave a tab open out the cookies automatically, and a smartphone does not leave that multi-tasking. Even so, very likely the game will end up being free, because the original game is supported with donations and ads