Plantronics Voyager B230-Good and Lumbering (Product Tests)

TEST: Headset Plantronics Voyager Pro B230 gives good sound on your phone as well as Skype. But it’s ugly and clumsy.

If you’re looking for a headset with a good sound, then Voyager B230 from Plantronics, in many ways, a really good choice. But our tests show that it has its limitations.

This headset is neither chic, smart or modern – when it comes to design. Most of all, they benefit the design parallels the old bulky hearing aids, which hearing disabled people had to make do with a few years ago.

Since then, hearing aids become somewhat smarter than this headset is designed.

When you have come you over the big pad behind the ear, and boom the rod with the microphone, you will discover that in fact may have certain B230 Plantronics Voyager benefits.

Good sound – but…

There is absolutely no doubt that it is of benefit to the sound quality in a phone conversation when the microphone closer to your mouth, which exactly is the Plantronics does with their headsets.

Shorter route between the sound source (foot) and microphone also makes that disturbing background noise can be minimized. And when that added digital noise reduction technique, will sound even better.

In most situations, the sound at the receiver is really good, and I have at no time been out of that other party in a conversation, have not been able to hear what I said, but while driving, I got challenges.

When the noise from the environment increased, it became evident that the sound from the speaker to the ear is not strong and high enough. Although both mobile and headset stood at maximum, I still think it was difficult to hear what was being said.

Plantronics also advertises with reduction of wind noise, but it is not a feature that has made an impression. When it is windy, it is exactly just as hard for the opposing party to separate wind and voice from one another, as is the case in other headsets.

Motion features and voice help

With Voyager B230 can call has been answered, just by taking the headset on when your phone rings. It detects, so to speak, when it sits on the ear.

The buttons on the headset does not work when it is not inserted in the ear. This reduces the number of calls that sometimes errors can occur because you sit and pills by headset when it is on the table.

When Plantronics Voyager comes on, telling a vote, how many hours of talk there is back-a really good feature. The voice informs also when volume is on maximum, when mute is activated or the battery is flat and needs a charge.

The headset has volume controls on the top and the large buttons are positioned so that the control is completely optimal. On/off switch sits in the bottom half along with the USB connector for charging. In the ear canal can be found the call button that has the right sensibility, so you do not accidentally going to interrupt the conversation.

You can use the Voyager headset on both right and left ear.

Also works with Skype and Lync

Together with Plantronics Voyager B230 is a small USB dongle, via a piece of software makes it possible to use the headset with the computer and programs like Skype and Microsoft Lync.

Also here is the sound quality good and far better a the your computer’s built-in microphone and loudspeaker can offer. Do you use much Skype or Lync, this might be a good argument for buying this headset.

Calling Skype while you have a mobile conversation running, heard a call audio in the headset, but cannot switch between the two calls.

When the headset use, updated one’s status on Microsoft Lync automatically to “busy”, which is a pretty nifty detail.

Conclusion: Good but very expensive

This headset is on most points expensive – very expensive. Prices on the Web ranges from 1,000 to 1,500 SEK. I think it’s a very high price, in particular in relation to the design, which really is not nice.

In the sales package included a belt bag, charger, USB cable, USB dongle and headset-cots in different sizes.

The sounds are in some cases too low with the using the headset, but the sound quality is generally very good, definitely among the best we find on the market.

I have not experienced connection problems, which some Bluetooth headsets otherwise well can suffer.Used iPhone, there is also a battery-indicator at the top of the screen.

However, it is difficult for me to see what defenders, giving over 1,000 DKK for this headsets when you can buy URf.eks. Jabra Supreme for a 5-600 crowns – without the ability to use Skype and Lync.

Buy Plantronics’ headset if you are going for the ultimate sound of the you are talking with.

Plantronics Voyager Pro B230 ends on four out of six stars.




-Excellent sound quality with the opposing party in a conversation
-Long battery life, and voice indication of remaining time
-Interaction with Skype, Lync


-Ugly and old-fashioned design
-For low sound by conversations in noisy environments
-Very high price