Planting Pots Themselves Make

Make Planting Potty Yourself-That You Need:

500 g white, air-hardening clay, such as “do & dry” by Creall, via


Acrylic paint in shades of desire


per pot a mini succulent plant

Bowl of water

Rolling pin

White edding 780, gloss paint markers

Knife with smooth blade

Pink Pot-So Are You:

  1. a handful of clay well knead, shape the ball.This roll out on a clean, smooth surface with a rolling pin to a 0.5 cm thick rectangle, with knife cut a piece from a 23.5 x 5 cm large. 2. rectangle from surface release, narrow ends to a circle together turn. With moistened fingers sticking together. 3. for the ground modelling 0.5 cm thick to roll out.A circle with diameter 7.5 cm cut. Circle as soil use and caulk with a damp finger. 4. a 1 x 4 cm Strip with some water as nose glue. 5. with the tip of the knife carve eyes and mouth in the pot. 6 at the top carefully a zigzag pattern cut. 7 at the side of the face right and left two triangles as decorative place, glue with water. Allow to dry 8 3 days. 9 with acrylic color paint, dry leave everything. 10 with edding hatch nose, triangle pattern on the edge of colour, the side triangles to decorate with patterns. 11. lay out pan with two layers of aluminum foil. Plants without pot use, spray with water only.

Yellow Pot – So Are You:

1 + 2 See Manual Pink pot, the rectangle must be 21 x 4 cm and 0.5 cm thick. 3. see to the left, the circle has a diameter of 6 cm. 4 for the nose à 1 x 3 cm cut out a strip and so stick that he goes across the top of inside. 5. to decorate in the top edge with a pinhead poke small holes.6 at the bottom pot of a pattern with a round pen Cap semicircles press. 7 at the top at the side of triangle shapes with knife carve. 8+9+11 Manual pink pot. From the site ( you can get more models of the outdoor equipments.

Mintfarbener Pot-So Are You:

1 + 2 See instructions for pink pot, the rectangle à 19 x 4 cm, 0.5 cm thick. 3. see instructions pink pot, the circle has diameter of 4.5 cm. 4 . glue on nose à 1 x 1,5 cm. 5 . cut out 0.5 cm thick strips measuring 19 x 1cm. Wavy circles cut one long edge, have put fen as an ornament to the bottom of the pot, sticking with water. 8+9 See instructions for pink pot. 10 with white edding jewelry edge points decorate with. 11. see instructions for pink pot.