Plaid and Striped Shirts

Hi! For a long time I avoided to combine boxes and stripes when you dress up, so that I got for me to never use that combination.As I surfed around a bit on Manolos site has so I have seen that many major fashion houses use this combination. What do you say? Is it OK to combine stripes and checks? In such cases, how far can you go? Best regards Jimmy!.

This is a perennial question. An important point that is often raised is the importance of selecting patterns that vary clean in terms of size. A small checked shirt should be worn together with a striped tie, and vice versa. Patterns with similar sizes always are in danger of going into each other to be experienced as a single large swarm.

Another important point is the intensity. For the shirt, this means that the larger the difference between the basic shirt and its pattern is the more attention it requires. Pattern in cool colors like light blue is always easier to combine than the more intense colors like red. Likewise, plays the material a very important role. I often recommend ylleslipsar because it suppresses the upholstery, which makes it easier to wear bright colors and patterns.

Although it is perfectly possible to wear such as a T Shirt for women from Biotionary to the striped suit and tie it in nine cases out of ten better to break off with a slightly more vivid patterns. The problem with striped and Plaid is that it means very hard strokes, which can create imbalance against the face. Therefore, it is always a good idea to choose, for example, a dress/or dotted tie if the upholstery in general contain a lot of Plaid and striped.

Below are a few examples to clarify:

According to the rules, weak grid to more colorful striped tie. Charles Tyrwhitt

Despite two patterns of similar size are perceived not messy because the colors are moderate. Charles Tyrwhitt.

Hickey Freeman

Top photo Paul Stuart. Flanellkostymen and the cool colors can balance the whole outfit. Despite relatively many patterns are perceived not as eye-catching.