Pink Gloves, Girls Show in the Ring to Fight Is a Girl Thing

In February,the UFC,MMA’s biggest tournament in the world,your first fight took place among women.In the ring of all Brazil,the world the beatings is also female territory

Girls are fragile and are always concerned not to break your nails? Not always. There are girls who, instead of rings and bracelets, prefer to use a more unusual accessory: boxing gloves. Who say Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche, members of the first clash of UFC, the most popular martial arts tournament in the world, what happened at the end of February in California. And the best: the Americans showed that female does not prevent anyone being to be good in the ring.

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Here in Brazil, fighting is also the sport of choice of many girls who, without losing the femininity, picking the melee to set the muscles. Washed face and with a lot of guts, but without losing the tenderness ever, the girls face the jokes, the scams and the bias of the boys.

Melise Rastogi, 23, may not wear make-up during practice of boxing, but the pink gloves deliver your side “little woman”. “I always wear cute in your hair,” says the student of physical education. “But it can’t be anything too elaborate, or distracted”

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Another supporter of the pink equipment is Veronica Chagas, 21, who practices thai boxing for almost a year. The color is the only vanity that she takes to the mat. “I am very feminine,” says the publicist.”But I don’t think I need my makeup to fight”.

For the law student Larissa of Samal, 24, get makeup to jiu-jitsu practice, that practice three years ago, is out of the question, since the habit could annoy their fellow. “Can I get my kimono colleague and that’s not cool,” says young.

Off the mat/ring, these practitioners are normal girls, that they take the necessary care with the beauty and skin, like hanging out with friends, do the Bambi in front of the mirror and even call the training colleagues to take a picture. Only when the rounds start rolling, the subject gets serious.

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“I got the guy,” says Veronica Charlson, that on a day-to-day basis is quite delightful. “I try to disconnect from the world to focus on training”.

For Larissa, according to fashionruling, the concentration is a form of exercise mates also to respect as a fighter.”The guys think they’re training just to lose weight,”says young.”So in the beginning is tough guys take you seriously.”

“Fight Doesn’t Suit You”

The girls who practice some martial art you have heard, at some point, that”fighting is kid stuff. Low and lean, Melise is always target of this type of comment.”As I’m Academy instructor, I deal with people of all age. When a student my elderly learns that do boxing, he says: ‘ You doing such a thing? ‘ “says the girl.

Larissa says your 1, 80 m tall helps avoid phrases like these. “My intimidation factor works a lot,”quips the young.”Still rolls the typical:’ Wow, I’m not going to mess with you, so'”.

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“Nobody ever sees the fact that I practice muay thai as something normal,” says Veronica.”2 1: or the person doesn’t believe and me zoa or scare me.” According to her, the comments cease the moment she explains why likes to fight.”Anyone who hears my arguments is even admired and willing to practice.”

Boy Versus Girl

If it’s a martial art training, don’t expect to find a room only with girls. Boys and girls may be physically different, but all practice together.”If you’re there is to do,” explains Melise.”I, for one, never trained with another woman”.

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Girls count, that everyone is treated equally by the master, some students usually have prejudice against the presence of the girls. “They don’t mean on the street catch of woman,” explains Melise. And they don’t let cheap: make unfunny jokes and come to reach the girls with nasty blows.

“There was a guy in a school where I was thai who beat the girls in wickedness, by pride,” says Veronica.”But he was much less agile and the girls they’d hit him anyway,” laughs.

Melise was already the target of biased comments.”The guys were saying,’ Girl, the ballet is right there. Here you will get hurt ‘,”says the student.”But they started to respect me when they saw that I was there to punch”.

On account of this kind of hostile environment, the girls must also stand within the practice.”I’m not going to let the boys think I’m different from them,” he explains.”I have a professional relationship with them out of practice, but don’t let them treat me with chivalry, for example, because otherwise they’re going to take it to the mat”.

Still, the number of boys who respect and admire the girls fighters is far greater than the that have prejudice. According to Veronica, the fight is the factor that unites the two genera within the mat/ring.”The passion, the dedication, are the same. And when we respect people improves,”he says.

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