Pike Perch Ice Fishing

The Pike perch (Sander lucioperca) is a fish, found in river and Lake as well. It is coveted by fishermen, some vowing him a true passion, to the point that they focus their leisure on this single species. Unlike his cousin the Pike, it is quite gregarious, and likes the proximity of its congeners. It lives in groups of many individuals, during the first years of his life. The number of Zander which will constitute a group or bench, will tend to regress with the maturity and the passing years.

That is to say, that more they will grow, and more they will tend to minimize the individuals constituting their group. This practice will take him up to loneliness, for larger specimens. He is also a carnivorous fish, that its nature will push to commonly hunt in a pack, made up of subjects to roughly similar sizes. Aggressive, they stalk, ugliness, bite, swallow a stroke, or hurt their prey, during parts of hunts, which are called, frantic, and including a maximum of small white, or FRY, will pay. After this feeding frenzy, made of long prosecution arassantes, some of them, usually the most big, less inclined to get tired with age, will tend to search on the bottom, these easy prey, freshly injured or killed for is in talim without spending too much energy. That is why it is not uncommon to see some fishermen, fixed their lines to the dead fish, to take the most big Zander. This behavior intrinsic, pushing to stand near the bottom the biggest subjects, which become real opportunists with age, in order to reap the benefits of the younger, were noted at the sandre.

Editing for the pike perch

A montage of simple enabled to perform these two pretty. So on a main line in 28 hundredths, they donned an olive of fifteen grams followed by a small turret swivels. The bottom line about him, always in 28 hundredths, and ending with a hook number 4. The bait, a small blageons (alive) from 8 to 10 centimeters that had to seduce the beautiful 2 Stooges on the right. The place of the river where they were on the lookout for some poissonets, this a big break in his course, forming a quiet and much deeper water hole. they were there in the current which could see everything that was happening within reach. This post perch donna subsequently others very nice catches, can that thousand November nine four twenty fourteen, two local fishermen, came out a piece of more than 8 pounds of these waters, not bad for a river which is considered as being small.

One of the best corners of the Var

These two pretty specimens were out of the water and put to dry, Carcès in the Var (83), in the river of the Argens in July 1992 at the approximately from 8:30 a dry and slightly Misty weather . This beautiful small village lost in the scrub, and very picturesque, located just twenty minutes from the town of Brignoles, is known for years to be a Mecca of fishing for pike-perch and CARP. The Argens and Caramy the rivers that cross are two wonders of nature, where well be and delight the eye take all their senses, and combine with the infinite. It is at the edge of one of these splendid rivers I’ve even contracted the virus of the freshwater fishing being younger, a sensation that even years later, I still feel as if it was yesterday. See bestfishingessentials for major types of fishing rods. The scenery is relaxing, and can only fall in love with this little corner of paradise lost. But that’s not all, because you find also just at the exit of the agglomeration, as planted in the middle of nowhere, the grand Lake, very well populated by carnivorous fish, and various whites who live in perfect harmony. A country where every enthusiast would love to live, in the middle of the water, simply.


Generally, he likes to stand in the corners quite congested, in order to hide. The trunks of trees, and other branches immersed, will make his happiness. The handles of the Lakes, and rivers, will also be very good positions to perch, to prospect. When he is hunting we can find it anywhere, close to these prey. When you arrive on a post to perch, or carnivorous fish in general, we need to do, as discreetly as possible, as there are always start by prospect, direct edges of your toe, because he likes often stand in ambush near them, to throw himself on the first spot that will pass. I could sometimes attend the merry-go-round of large individuals, which lined the banks of the rivers, or the banks of lakes, to search for food. Broken to his capture, fishermen will tell you to track it down, everywhere where the appearance of the edges out of the ordinary. The shallows are also positions, where you should not hesitate to pass, and swim your lures.