Pi Locker: Lockscreen Gestures for Android Smartphones

At the end of March, the HTC One M8 was officially introduced, which, in addition to powerful hardware, also has the software “Motion Launch” to offer. With this feature, you can start from the lockscreen via a wiping blinkfeed or wake up the smartphone by double tapping from the idle mode.

In a similar way you can now also use other Android smartphones. The app “Pi Locker“, which is currently still in the beta phase and was developed by Mohammed Rashad, provides the appropriate functionality.

Perform Functions By Wiping

Pi Locker is already compatible with Android version 2.3, so the app is available to most of you in the  Google Play Store.

But how does the operation work? If you perform the gestures with your finger on the touch screen, you will be able to perform the corresponding functions. Up to now nine predefined patterns are available. The gestures are simple and memorable. For example, the uppercase letter “C” starts the camera, a large “B” opens the browser interface or you switch to WLAN mode with a large “W”.

Final Version Is Still Under Development

At the moment Pi Locker is still in the trial phase. This means for you that you can test the app and point to existing bugs. When the final version enters the Play Store is still uncertain.

For the future, it would be handy for users to set their own gestures to quickly execute the most used commands. I would like to start with the capital letter “T” the Twitter app or access the latest football results by sketching the basic shape of the round leather as a circle on the smartphone display. Then the wait for the finished version would definitely have paid off.