Physicians Formula Made in Italy

Dreaming of a make-up that can be glamorous but with good ingredients, perfect for those with sensitive skin? You will love Physicians Formula, American brand recently landed in Italy!

We’ve talked about this innovative brand with our article on Physicians Formula to Cosmoprof and many of you had remained very fascinating, and today we are very happy to report that this line make up kind to the skin is finally sold in Italy in different sales points of our country.


Physicians Formula you can buy in Italy in the OVS stores, Coin and Upim of the peninsula: in short all outlets will be supplied the products of this brand!


This cosmetics company making false eyelashes was founded in 1937 by Dr. Crandall, an allergist who for the love of his wife with sensitive skin formulated products make up hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, perfect for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers and particularly delicate because no aggressive substances.

Physicians Formula is currently the number one brand in america with regard to the bronzer, the high quality powders, mineral and natural make up: you want to discover more closely this brand? Discover it with us with the story of a wonderful event in which we participated with great pleasure a few days ago!

Here are responsible Physicians Formula, fly to Milan from California to tell us about the concept Physicians Formula, which includes several cosmetic lines suitable for all beauty needs that assume that ‘being fit’ both the base by being declined by the American brand with lines fit and Radiant, flawless fit and in shape and young, fit and fashionable and fit and sun-kissed.


Cheeks and cheekbones are lit thanks to the products of the line ‘s Healthy and Radiant, including bronzer, blush and enlightening are loved!

The range of facial products in all light includes the magnificent Powder Palette (price € 19.90), enlightening pearls silky texture ideal for emphasizing the strategic points of the face as cheekbones, brow ridges and cupid’s bow.

Then missed the blush and bronzer Physicians Formula Range Happy Booster (cost € 15,90), which enhances the brightness of the skin and mood with its delicious scent. The mixture Happy Boost includes the Happy Skin complex, derived from Arctic Rose, which simulates the effect of endorphins, also known as ‘happiness’ molecules, giving a sense of comfort and pleasure, Euphoryl, rich in Omega-3, known antidepressant associated with the production of dopamine, a promoter of happiness and Murumuru butter and butter Theobroma grandiflorum, useful to give the skin an exceptional silk and incredible radiance.

Ph Matchmaker is instead a range of products that fits the pH of the skin by creating customized shades, perfect to bring out its natural beauty.

This line includes the blush Ph Matchmaker (price 16,90 €), the hi-tech formula rche eagisce to light and pH of the skin, creating the perfect shade for every woman. Ph Matchmaker is formulated with the exclusive Ph Power Complex, a blend of pigments that are activated with the PH and that combined with the dimmer control technology give a truly customized shade that suits your skin and the environment, also  in just 60/2 is able to tune to the complexion making it the perfect and long-lasting color 24 hours 24.

The same innovative concept for PH Matchmaker Bronzer (price 17,90 €) and Ph Matchmaker Powered Lipgloss (cost € 13,90) which enhances the natural color of the lips and make them more beautiful and turgid.

The special extra? The blush and bronzer homes, but also the gloss applicator, including the LED lights that allow us to do touch-ups flash in any situation!

High level of sensuality then, for the line Physicians Formula Sexy Booster, which transforms us into eaters of men with its eye-catching packs and extraordinary properties, even aphrodisiac!

The iconic piece of this range is darkly Sexy Booster Blush (price 15,90 €), a product irresistibly delicate and naturally sexy that even contains aphrodisiac ingredients! What? Cocoa extract, which contains beta-phenylethylamine (phenylethylamine, PEA), also known as ‘love drug’, able to influence feelings of attraction, excitement and euphoria,Epimedium, a derivative from the ancient Chinese medicine , which is considered an aphrodisiac for man and woman and able to ‘awaken the sexual desire’ as well as a seductive fragrance of vanilla and musk, both known to make people feel more sensual women.

Also irresistible Sexy Sexy Booster Glow Lip Stain (cost € 13,90), a moisturizing and light gloss tinted tinting lips and makes glossatissime! Among other items we also find Sexy Booster Glow Bronzer (price 15,90 €), a bronzer that warms the complexion and the incredible Va Va Voom Volume Mascara (price 14,90 €), which makes languid gaze!

And ‘course must dwell on the beauty of the packaging of these products: the details of the shoes are simply crazy!


Dream of summer all year round? The cosmetics company offers a full line of tailor-made products, to create a natural glowy effect that makes rispendere!

As we have already mentioned you the bronzer are among the most popular products of Physicians Formula, thanks to the subtle texture and very blendable addition to the formulations free of aggressive agents and harmful to the skin.

Here is closely some of the pods of these bronzer best seller in America:

Bronze Booster Season To Season (cost € 19.90) is a lightweight bronzing powder that is applied easily giving ahealthy and tanned complexion all year!

A small golden sun at the center of the palette gives small strokes of light to highlight the look or mixed with the chosen color gives a deeper, brighter. This bronzer that boasts four different shades of color to be mixed at will depending on the desired degree of intensity, has been formulated with an exclusive blend of brightness activators , and also includes an infusion of vitamins, moisturizing and anti-oxidants for a to triple action effect.

It contains seeds Kapi Kacchu and phospholipids, which moisturize and prolong the duration of the effect tan,Ceratonia Siliqua, the extract of carob, which acts on the skin to enhance the healthy tan naturally in addition to luxurious microbeads abbronzantili, useful to offer a bright and flawless finish.

Bronze Booster Airbrushing Veil (price € 19.90) instead is a light ground with a velvety texture for a natural finish for healthy glow effect. The special edition Deluxe uses a new technology that makes it extraordinarily luminous skin.

Enriched with exclusive technology that activates the tone of bbronzatura of Physician Formula , combining the characteristics of a powder with those of cream and compact bronzer gives, according to the American cosmetics company, a perfect finish, light and smoothing for an extraordinary look naturally tanned.

The wafer processed to effect three dimensional is also fantastic!


Have a perfect face base is the dream of all, why Physicians Formula has created a specific line for perfect skin by natural finish.

This line includes many products, all with SPF 30, including the Super BB Makeup (price € 19.90), a BB cream that gives a smooth finish, bright and naturally flawless. The hybrid formula of Super BB cream (short for “Beauty Balm”) combines makeup and skin care for ultramodern result.

This hi-tech and multi-effect formula combines UVA / UVB protection, illuminating antioxidants, moisturizing and firming herbal agents and optical refinement of speakers to offer, according to the brand, super-effective benefits of makeup and skin care.

This ‘miracle’ “all-in-one cream” has an ultra-mixable, light and easy to apply, with moisturizing properties that enhance the skin’s surface formula and protect against the elements for a perfect and even finish.

Its super-reinforced formula contains vitamins C and E that iutano to enlighten and protect the skin from free radicals, white willow bark extract, a natural exfoliant that provides an illuminating effect, smoothing and pre-treatment and also the extract of the fruit of Perilla ocymoides and glycerin encapsulated that have hydrating properties to soften fine lines and wrinkles and give the skin a more compact, as well as Luxsil, a slight blush and concealer focussing for a blurred effect.

To unwind, The Balm Concealer (15,90 euro cost) with built-in applicator brush, and Compact Powder Beauty Balm(price € 17.90).


Being glamorous is a must, do it using gentle products with our skin even more! For this reason the califoniano brand has designed a range of products from the soul for fans of glamor make up more fashionable.

This range includes eye palette with lace houses like Shimmer Strips (15,90 euro cost), which contains 9 super bright eye shadows for a wet & dry use, both dry and wet.


Inevitable then the mascara Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% with ingredients 100% natural. The selection of this indispensable makeup product includes mascara Mascara Fakeout (cost € 14.90) with synthetic fibers, for dramatic effect, as well as 100% natural Boosting (price 14,90 €),  volumizing mascara Organic Wear (price 14,90 €) 100% natural, it contains an exclusive complex of bioactive minerals derived from zinc, iron, silicon, copper and magnesium nourish and strengthen eyelashes and mascara Jumbo (price 14,90 €) volumizes that protects the lashes.


To conclude this trip with a flourish to mention the Youthful line, which includes cosmeceutical products by the effect ‘rejuvenating’.

These include for example the foundation rejuvenating Youthful Wear (price € 19.90): a cosmeceutical product that not only makes the fabulous skin, as he tells us Physicians Formula, but at the same time fights the visible signs of aging with a long formula seal for a perfect complexion.

This special foundation, as well as others of the same series, is proposed as a leveling and is useful for reducing the appearance of fine lines for a smooth texture of the skin, giving a radiant and a flawless finish , also uses an innovative combination of primer + foundation which helps to counteract the visible signs of aging, restoring thefirmness and elasticity of the complexion.

The foundation rejuvenating Youthful Wear not only helps to cover imperfections, but it is able to give skin a look 10 years younger, thanks to the “Youth Boosting Technology”, a mix high performance that improves the texture, tone and the radiance of the skin. It presents 3 exclusive cosmeceutical ingredients, including hyaluronic acid and ceramide 3 encapsulated active powders that act as micro-sponges with moisturizing properties, to reduce the appearance of fine and deep wrinkles and restore firmness and elasticity.

The aluminum borosilicate and calcium however, creates a soft-focus effect that helps to blur the visibility of fine lines, reducing the appearance and also laminaria algae extract, medicinal and nutritional supplement made from plants, rich in protein, polysaccharides, carotene and vitamins.

Here also the Youthful powder (the same price online 17,90 EUR) which ‘stimulates youth’.

We offer you now un’overview of products Physicians Fomula more interesting!

Ciprie, bronzer e blush Happy Booster:

Bronzer Sexy Booster dal packaging super glamour e lezioso!

Here in action the LED lights of blush Matchmaker: It’s like always having with him a small station make up in your purse!

Already knew the brand Natural American Physicians Formula? You have not already found in your OVS stores, Coin and Upim trust? Let us in the comments of your reports ‘sightings’ so we’ll help each other in shopping of thisfascinating new brand!