Photos of Colcci Jeans Women

The Colcci is a brazilian company that works with the production of men’s clothing, and shoes. Was founded in Brusque, town in the South of the country. A few years ago the brand was bought by another company, also brazilian. Since then the brand has grown and today is present in all Brazil. Are quality clothes that accompany the stronger and current fashion trends.

Beyond beauty, the brand values exactly, the quality of its products. The fabrics are chosen to fingers by designers, as well as the models and styles. The current poster girl brand is nobody else none other than the supermodel Gisele Büdchen. As the propaganda is a fundamental part of the dissemination of the products and the brand, the company has been doing a strong campaign with the model.

The collection autumn winter 2010 Colcci is ready and stamping shop Windows across the country. The clothes are sold in multi-brand shops. The factories are spread over different cities, but there is no brand name stores. In the collection autumn winter the Colcci brings new trends that innovate everything that has already been seen in cold days. The colorful continues with full force, even with the end of the summer. Yet the darker colors are still the focus of most brands, tones such as Brown, black, gray, dark green, and so on.

The female Colcci jeans are the most sought after products. The jeans is one of the bosses of the company, both in male as female sector. Are modern and comfortable pants. The jeans can be light or dark who choose is you. Currently still fashion pants with narrow mouth, so the Colcci works with these models. The Colcci jeans models follow the trends of national and international runways.

The Colcci jeans fashion 2010 comes with a different design and bold. The winter clothes are different, trying to modify the idea of heavy clothing and dark tones. You can find all the colors in many different models. In addition to the pants, the Colcci manufactures many other products with jeans. If you became interested in the brand’s clothes, then you can see pictures of jeans Colcci. For more information and check out the full collection, visit the Colcci.

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