Photo Accessories For Smartphones

To photograph, with the Smartphone is in vogue. Unfortunately the Smartphone cameras at slightly more demanding shooting conditions quickly reach their limits. You can upgrade your camera phone with various photo accessories such as clip-on lenses or special tripods – here we present ten promising products.

From a technical standpoint, most Smartphone cameras compared to higher-quality compact cameras are still clearly at a disadvantage. Examples are here only two points to mention: at something worse lighting conditions, the small image sensors in smartphones provide noisy recordings. And firmly installed fixed focal lengths give less creative leeway than zoom lenses. Still the Smartphone photography is booming on – the iPhone is regarded as the world’s most popular camera long. Many users want to stop for travelling only a device even if an extra compact camera to take a picture would be useful. Easy upload of images on the Web is another plus point of camera phones.

Today very many ways to improve the photographic capabilities of a Smartphone. The Howsmb presents interesting products on the following pages: the precious forged by Swarovski Optik offers an adapter to pair their binoculars with an iPhone. We were in the Zoo and have photographed wild animals. Significantly cheaper to get away with the plug-in lenses of various manufacturers. Smartphone photographer get that extended options in the telephoto, macro,- and wide angle. Miracles, in terms of image quality, you should not expect, but that doesn’t matter to Yes also in fast Smartphone photography. You can see it as a challenge such as the well-known Berlin photographer Michael Schulz: “my photos come exclusively from the iPhone and have been edited with the corresponding apps in there. “This is me, also the charm of the whole: to get the maximum out of a technically limited Smartphone camera.” (tho)