Phantom Vibrations: The Phone Rang Now?

Intensive mobile users wonder when they feel the typical vibration of your phone on the thighs, even if they do not have the phone in your pocket this. Others feel the typical humming even if the phone’s not ringing. Analog to the phantom pain after the loss of a body part experts in the United States already speak of phantom vibrations.
Jonathan Zaback felt this phenomenon for the first time, as he showed friends his new BlackBerry Curve. When they looked at it, I felt this vibration on my side, reported the Manager of the PR agency Burson-Marsteller. I reached out to take it in the

hand, when I became aware that I had the BlackBerry so no longer with me. Zaback belongs to the hardcore users of the Smartphones. He has his BlackBerry next to it on the bed, looking emails when he wakes up at night, and can be in the morning from the device wake.

the phantom vibrations not Ernst takes Zaback. As long as this does not mean that a tumor on her leg grow me, that’s fine, says of smartphone users. Some people have a biological clock. Maybe I have a biological BlackBerry.

Dawn Mena has made similar observations of self. Even if I have time no BlackBerry there, I catch myself doing, how I change my attitude in a sitting position to adapt myself, said the technology consultant in the California town of thousand oaks. I laugh at myself if I then grab to bring it out (I could swear that it is), and then realize that I’m not doing.

Such reports indicated that the people have the feeling, the phone would be a part of themselves, explains psychologist B.J.. Fogg of the persuasive technology lab of at Stanford of University. The people in the information society be so trained to miss that they accept a false alarm rather than to miss a question yes no call. Our brains constantly checks if we have to answer someone.

In certain circles, it is seems almost a little proud of the phantom vibrations. Of course, I get it, says Fred Wilson of the New York venture capital firm of Union Square Ventures. I know that for more than ten years. For others, but it is only a more technical irritation. Jeff Posner, operator of the website Our site in New Jersey, has decided therefore to no longer carry his BlackBerry on the belt, but to fit in your shirt pocket. Since everything is but
has become even worse.

The cartoonist Scott Adams reported in his blog Our site, that he feel phantom vibrations about ten times a day and was always full of expectation to an E-Mail with a positive message. Jake ward of Qorvis Communications apparently developed a very sensitive form of the phenomenon: he feels it according to own statements already, when a mobile message just has been sent and is on the way to their Smartphone. I can feel it, see it. No vibration. Then it starts to vibrate. I am one with my BlackBerry. (AP/UL)

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