Pets in Small Apartments?

Pets in small apartments? Yes, But Decorating Bug
If your children insist on having a pet to care for, to do their will. Bad choice one need walk and or consult the vet. A simply decorative. In tours and holiday travel, often go places where the kids have more contacts with animals.

Especially if instead of beach, we chose mountain. For example, on a farm, site, or visiting that interior’s aunt. Certainly, on the way home, the kids will ask for a pet. Want some domestic animals to pet. We believe in a small animal, easy to care for, but with the plants of the current smaller apartments, it’s still complicated. How to solve?

Buy a pet as soon as we find out what the child’s favorite, but not a real one, one that is fun and creative accessories, perfect for the home and for the wall of the children’s room, I’m speaking of bucolic tree wall sticker, with birds and other animals that can be added according to the wishes of the child. Easy to be found and ordered online.
Vinyl adhesive is water resistant adhesive, with matte finish, give the impression that it was painted directly on the wall. If you get sick just take, leaves no residue when removed. You can buy a complete kit in online stores and is also found in other topics. If your wall is already decorated or you don’t want to put vinyl, the floor is the other option, simply place mat with motifs of animals.
You can find rugs with animal prints, or prints that evoke nature, grass green or with a natural touch as sisal. Another way to bring the animals to live in the children’s room is through the clothes of bed, with sheets games, duvets and pillows, to play on the floor at the time of the games. Another tip is to put on the wall of the children’s room a clock with animal print, next to the table, in addition to decorate is going to be a fun way to learn.