Perfect Manicure Tips

Tired of spending long hours at the manicurist and even for giving so much money? We found a few tricks, how to create professional manicure at home!

Perfect Manicure Tips

Start with finish nails

The basis is to achieve smooth and strong nails and soften cuticles around. Learn therefore regularly use sunscreen on your hands and do not forget to apply it on the nails and cuticles mainly around. And if your regular nail care and plugging olejíček perfectly suited for rough cuticles around the nails do better!

A healthy nail colors

The key to a healthy nail colors and crisp white tips are adherence to diet. Even on the nails to unfold all our transgressions and lack of vitamins. For yellow stains but can also poor polish remover, therefore avoid using nail polish remover containing acetone.

Proper basic foundation

To keep your nails withstand white and under color varnish, begin to use a primer, which equates nail surface. Colored nail polish also get a better hold.

Apply two coats of varnish

The actual coat of nail polish is a good technique. Do not lay the brush on the nail completely, but rather hold it more upright, so ensure precise application. A exaggerate even with a paint layer. It is better to make two rather weak layers that adhere perfectly and dries before the paint nezaschlým screwed with even a half-hour after application.

Glittering dot

If you want to have your nails really perfect or you are heading to a party, be sure to apply a final coat full of glamor and glitter. It’s a great way to elevate the usual dull colors of nail polish.

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