Perfect Makeup for Wedding Day

We have grouped our best tips to create a perfect wedding makeup DIY. Follow them and be able to get a perfect look for the most important day of your life!
We now know that September is the period most beloved by couples about to get married, and now has become increasingly common for brides choose to wear makeup by herself, a bit ‘to save, and a little’ because it is always easier to find advice and video tutorials. In fact, the make-up is now also appreciated by those who do not want to make a profession and more and more women can boast extensive collections of eye shadow, blush, lipstick and lip gloss.

For these reasons we thought it needed a little guide that can accompany you in creating the perfect bridal makeup DIY. We begin now to see step by step what you should know to get a perfect look the most important day of your life.


1. Taking care of your skin

Your skin is speaking to you, so listen to it! The months before the wedding is essential to take care of your body and especially the face, if you want to get a perfect bridal makeup DIY.

You will then understand what creams, serums and products your skin needs and, if it seems impossible to find out, you can always ask for help to a professional or your beautician.

Do not be afraid to seek advice which products are perfect for you or to find out for themselves through various experiments.

You can also try to make a facial cleansing deep in your own home; obviously this step will be made a bit ‘of time before marriage and made more effective by all subsequent processes, such as the application of any creams.

2. Experiment for bridal makeup

As you can well imagine, the evidence is a very important step for a wedding makeup yourself: are not to be underestimated.

We found a little ‘time to try unhurried colors and lines that give more to your face, always keeping in mind the dress, your (hair color, eyes and skin), and the end result you would like to get.

I recommend also to integrate the make-up tests with the photographs in the foreground: this will be very useful to better understand if the devised trick is perfect as it may seem in the reflection of the mirror.

3. The colors most suitable make-up eyes

Since the goal is to be as perfect as possible whether live, that in the photographs that you are going to browse in the future, carefully choose the colors to be worn in the fateful day and avoid exaggerating trying to recreate a base too artificial .

Remember then that the warm colors will be perfect to counter the cold blue that characterizes much-hated flashing cameras, so space in colors such as bronze, gold and apricot, which also give a great deal to those who have the blue eyes .

4. Natural Lips or lips pin-up?

You know well by now that one of the basic rules of the make-up is that the lips should always go hand in hand with makeup eyes. Then choose neutral colors if you opt for a make up that projecting your look; if you love to feature your lips, do not be afraid to wear a more strong than ordinary beige lipstick. A red can in fact be perfect paired with a vintage dress, so as to create a perfect look of yesteryear that leaves everyone speechless.

Obviously, if you choose dark lipstick, you have to follow some small tricks. Very important it is to choose a lipstick or a lip tint, you can trust and that you know will last for hours without smudging or fading here is that re-enter the game in the test of bridal makeup. There will in fact help of test products during the day. An alternative to the choice between natural lipstick and dark lipstick may choose both.

You can opt for a nice lipstick strong during the ceremony and photos, and then replace it with a lighter before you get to your new husband for the banquet.

5. Treating in advance eyebrows

It will be very important to remember to take care of their eyebrows well before the wedding. This is because after performing hair removal can happen that the eyebrow arch is swollen, or that we can hurt. So to avoid having to run for cover at the last minute, just by applying layers of concealer before the ceremony, thus creating a very unnatural effect, I suggest you take care of days before, so you arrive at your wedding day with a skin the perfect eyebrows.