People Still Think That Apple Will Give Away iPhones by Facebook

We are in 2016, but people are still deceived by 2011 tricks. On Facebook, the plague of pages that masquerade companies and promise raffle products returned with force. Earlier on Tuesday (9), one of which offers an iPhone 6 Plus for those who enjoy a post, had exceeded 90 000 Tanned and 200,000 shares.


Posts sweepstakes that will never happen follow a peculiar pattern. They always ask for the short – page user and interact with the publication, in order to disseminate false promotion. Some pages are more aggressive: the most recent case, it would be possible to increase the chances of winning “the more friends you score in the comments,” according to the rules.

The incentive behind the fake sweepstakes is rapidly increasing page fanbase to sell it later. Thus, an individual or company who want to start a Facebook page with good numbers of followers (and all legitimate) can buy the service prompt. In the past, the same technique has been used in Instagram profiles, which promised to give away gift cards for the unwary.

How to act? The first step is to report the fraudulent page on Facebook, so that the social network is aware of the problem: just access the fanpage, click the “…” button and access the “Report Page” option. Then share this article with your friends who are falling into the catch.

It’s always good to reinforce that Apple does not make products sweepstakes through social networks (and the same goes for car manufacturers).