Penholder with Cardboard Tubes

This is one of the crafts with cardboard easier to perform and more helpful, all you need is a little creativity and imagination and materials always have at home.


  • Rolls of toilet paper or paper towels
  • Markers
  • Painting
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • rigid cardboard
  • Brushes
  • Materials to decorate as diamond, inflatable paint, decals, etc.


  1. Cut the cardboard tubes height that we desire. Remember pencils, scissors and everything must take into excel so that you can take, so you can base yourself on a pencil to measure the length you want. You can cut the tubes of different sizes.
  2. Glue the cardboard tubes together with glue, you can use hot glue or white glue, although this will take longer to dry.
  3. Cut a piece of sturdy cardboard and glue the cardboard tubes. To make it easier, you can cut a small tabs at the bottom of the tubes and thus stick them to the carton.
  4. Now comes the fun part is decorate. You can paint it bright colors and place cute stickers if it is for a child, but if it’s for you, choose the colors you like best.

This is one of the crafts with cardboard simplest of all since the materials found in any home. You can use it to store any kind of materials such as pencils, markers, brushes, etc.


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