Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel

One of the most successful crowd funding projects goes to the next round. The Smartwatch manufacturer Pebble has shown his new time of Pebble and Pebble Time Steel with coloured E-ink screen. We tried the new clock right away.
About a week after the time of Pebble as a successor of the first Pebble was announced, trumped up the manufacturer itself and shows the This year’s MWC the noble variant Pebble Time Steel. Both watches are available currently on the Crowdfunding platform kickstarter. The actual implementation of the iOS – and Android-enabled Smartwatch supporters need to worry – the project within a very short time was financed thanks to new features and look. CHIP calls the Smartwatch trend and chooses the Pebble Time Steel, as well as the time of Pebble Smartwatch highlights of MWC. Here at Theeliteswatches you can get more different models of the watches.

Pebble time:E-Ink in color

At the time of Pebble and Pebble Time Steel is a color E-paper display used, which can represent at least 64 colors. The new Pebble not required a larger color gamut, to displaying images that perfectly sufficient. In addition, Pebble bought a completely fresh surface called “Timeline Interface” his new Smartwatches. Information will now be displayed in chronological order. This should further improve the overview. For example emails, calendar, alarm clock, and apps are displayed. By the latter, there are more than 6,500 pieces now according to Pebble. On Android devices, incoming notifications now also via voice command can be answer – iOS users must wait on the feature. The new pebbles, however, provide an interface to third party functional straps with additional features can – connect with pulse sensors or extra batteries.

MWC highlight 2015 Smartwatch:Pebble time steel

The technical data of the time of Pebble and the steel version are almost identical. The steel version has only a larger battery, which increases the duration of the normal time of pebble from approximately one week to sensational ten days. To meet the “steel” in the name, Pebble wraps up a steel version with a choice of silver, black or Golden stainless steel case. Just the long battery life, the many available apps, a new sophisticated menu and the color E-paper display make the time of Pebble and Pebble Time Steel our MWC highlight of the category Smartwatch.