Pebble Steel: What Can V2 of Kick Starter Watch?

Conclusion: The Pebble Steel is the only Smart watch far and wide, which is compatible with the iPhone. At least the only one that is well available here in Germany. Off the new Pebble indicates that it serves just fine as the second screen of the phone – both iOS and Android. The Pebble Steel costs with leather strap around 200 euros -a fair price given the significantly more expensive competition.

Pebble Steel: What Can V2 of Kick Starter Watch?

Pebble Steel in the test:steel appearance

Our test sample with leather strap is very comfortable. The design is less convincing: the clock fails with over 10 millimeters thick, the angular, clear-cut housing, a chunky impression. The Pebble is thus not necessarily unattractive to recognise – but at least clearly as a technology gadget the competition is here already. What you need to take at the very reasonable price in purchase: the Pebble has no touchscreen, you serve them instead of four side buttons. The Smart watch is waterproof up to a depth of 50 meters. Hand washing, showering, swimming and snorkeling are no problem – according to Pebble until you press any buttons under water. However, we recommend that before a dive to take off the clock – at least, if you have the version with leather strap. Because this is not so survive certainly shower and dives.

Pebble steel: Class E-Ink display

Like the E-paper display that can be perfectly read even in direct light. Because the used E-ink technology only consumes energy, if the display is refreshed, the display remains permanently switched on, without compromising battery life strongly including. To read the clock even in darkness, there’s an LED-backlit display. On request it is automatically activated when the Pebble detects an arm movement. In short, unlike the competition operates the display duration, but consumes little power.

Pebble steel: Solid performance

A look at the hardware facilities of the Pebble suggests that performance not much would be expected. But in the use we are taught better:juddering or dropouts does not exist, either in static applications or in mini-games such as chess or the obligatory flappy bird clone. Biggest weak point is the tight space: only eight apps at the same time watch the clock. If you want to use more applications, you need to constantly juggle between Smartphone app and watch.

Pebble steel: Software & apps

Apart from this issue, the Pebble Steel shows software technically strong on the chest. It covers all common needs well with its basic functions. Including the classics such as SMS and Whatsapp content, Facebook messages, calendar entries. Also worth looking at the hotel’s own app store, which houses over 2,000 apps according to the manufacturer. You download the apps in the Pebble app on your Smartphone.
Mostly run apps directly on the Pebble, sometimes you need but also a companion app. In addition, anyone who wants to retrofit Emoji support on the clock, needs an app from the app store, which will cost around 2 euros.
Prima: Messages that are marked on the clock as read disappear on the Smartphone from the message centre. This saves you double reading. Rather belatedly, Pebble is currently equipping this feature on Android via firmware update After. The Pebble Steel vibration alarm clock and timer, analog and digital dials, as well as a remote control for the music app of the Smartphones, which between title jump, control the volume and start the playback include the basic equipment or stop.

Pebble steel as the fitness Tracker

The integrated pedometer makes the Pebble Steel to the rudimentary fitness Tracker. A long facility is not required, because the app UP from jawbone is already installed. The app snaps as the simple dial; You fill the display with past steps. Similar apps from other manufacturers can be found in the app store.

Pebble steel: Battery

A 130 mAh capacity battery inside the Pebble. In rain mode enough run time with us in the test for about three days. Between five and seven days are according to the manufacturer in there, if you receive around 30 push messages on the day. The steel is significantly ahead of its predecessor, there a full charge lasted two days with us at best. The watch is recharged in around two hours using the USB cable. New:The steel shows now on an LED light, when the battery is fully charged. A proprietary connector is however used on the Pebble site. A micro-USB – or lightning plug would be considerably more practical, to haul around not even an extra cable.

Pebble steel:Alternative

As long as the Apple Watch still not look can be, it looks bleak for iOS users in terms of alternatives:here comes only the predecessor model in question. It costs about 130 euro.
Android users have a much larger selection, such as the LG G watch R with fully round display. Battery life, performance and display in the test much praise. Round 240 euro have to pay for around-the-clock wear of Android 2.0.  (dom)