Pebble has Already Sold more than 1 Million of Watches

The smart clock that started the fever by these devices has not had it easy in 2014 in which Google has become a reference for Android Wear and in which several manufacturers have submitted proposals that went a step further in features that the device Of Pebble.

However the CEO of this company, Eric Migicovsky, recently stated that the company has already distributedmore than one million smart watches. That achievement is coupled with statements in which Migicovsky warns that 2015 will come with new watches and, above all, with a software platform that “will not look like anything that has been seen in smart watches until now.”

Pebbles sales pace is very decent-in March 2014 it exceeded 500,000 units-thanks to price cuts and new improvements in the platform, but competition is growing stronger, and 2015 will be a crucial year in the year. That the solutions of this manufacturer will be also seen with the expected Apple Watch.

In Pebble ensure however that their software platform will be very different from the traditional paradigm of Google and Apple in which applications and software model are very similar to that of smartphones.” We have discovered a new working environment that we will use as a model of interaction on the clock,” said Pebble CEO, who indicated that although the applications will continue to exist, they will not be the central axis of this platform.” It does not look like what we have today, and it does not look like what we have in our smartphones.”

It will be interesting to see where this manufacturer guides his steps with that unique concept that according to them will be differential. Pebble’s efforts to encourage developers-with a web emulator that appeared a few days ago-are remarkable, but it will be necessary to see if that platform is enhanced by clocks with a design that can respond to the needs of users to the they also care, increasingly ,the design of these devices.

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